We always talk about tips, guides and tricks to improve the performance of our posts, our social media strategy, etc., but … and what about our blog or website? The truth is that to improve traffic, views or user interaction with our website, not all are content, but also pay attention to usability. Equally important is that sometimes a single word, color change or a point of difference in the size of the characters can completely change the trend of your stats.

Using a Search Field

Has not happened to you once you are looking for a particular content that you know and you have to be to come and turn the pages? Well yes, we do and the truth which is most annoying. This problem is solved as easily as include a search field to your blog. In addition most templates have the option and if you use a content management system like WordPress is the simple sea. It is best to place it in the top of the page, on the right, where it is more visible and do not be stingy with the characters.

Plain Text

Many times the source is causing the problem. Maybe for you it is well but feels for others it may be too small. Also comes with some templates a small size by default. The idea is always to provide the reader reading and if your posts or entries are long, rest assured that what you need is a size which prevents the user gets tired. And do not forget the color! Never put a tone to the text that resembles the color of the background.

The Color of Links

Yes, also very important. We must always provide full and even guide you if need those information points or more interesting. It is best not to break with tradition. Why? Very simple, the reader is accustomed to recognize the links in blue, and those that have already been visited in violet or purple tones.

Pages Easy to Understand at a Glance

Many times when a user visits a website looking for specific information. At other times it is taking a general look to see if something interesting. If you facilitate understanding with a clean design elements legible without reload the page, this will help the reader to keep all or whatever you want to stand out more. You can take advantage and use design elements to draw attention to something specific, use boxes or slideshows, but always it easy to understand and locate information with just a glance.

Avoid Captchas

They are a pain in the ass, what else to say. They can help rule out comments made by machines, but also often complicate people when making comments. They are not always clear, sometimes you have to refresh the captcha a few times and even more, and that the end of the day is to put more and more difficult and even despair user.

A Tagline that Impresses

For those who do not know what a tagline is the short description that many blogs or websites normally have in the page header. Let’s briefly describe the theme of the blog and also give an idea helps the ranking of the site in search engines through keywords.

A Lightweight Design

Make sure your blog does not have a too heavy and loaded later in design. The users are very demanding as a web takes to view all items or at least the most important may be the main reason that many visitors end up bouncing. For this reason, try to avoid unnecessary graphical elements rather than look and improved user experience do the opposite.