More and more states are legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, but there remains controversy over legalizing marijuana for recreational use. The state of Colorado permits dispensaries, like the dispensary in Mountain View, to sell cannabis products for recreational use. The recreational marijuana industry is extremely successful in Colorado. There are numerous benefits to establishing dispensaries to sell recreational marijuana legally.

Controlled Environment 

Establishing legal dispensaries creates a controlled environment for marijuana sales. Individuals entering dispensaries must show valid ID to prove they are at least 21 years old. Security is typically present on hand to ensure safety of the staff and customers. Without a controlled environment for legal sales, marijuana is sold illegally and illegal drug sales often lead to violence in the community. Legal sales also lead to lower prices for the product since the product is more readily available and there is competition between dispensaries leading to the best possible pricing for consumers. Higher quality and lower prices creates a better value for the consumer, which keeps buyers coming back to dispensaries and leads to a successful business.

Improved Economy

The dispensary in Mountain View, like other dispensaries in Colorado, contributes positively to the economy. Like most other products you buy in a store, marijuana sold at dispensaries is taxed. These taxes are invested back into the community. Taxes from marijuana sales benefit school and other state run programs. States without recreational marijuana dispensaries are missing out on a lucrative revenue stream that could greatly benefit the state’s economy.

The recreational marijuana industry also contributes to the economy through job creation. When a state creates new jobs, more people move there to take advantage of the opportunities, leading to a boost in the overall economy of the state.

More Consistent Experience 

When marijuana is bought and sold by illegal dealers, it can be difficult to know exactly what you are purchasing. The Mountain View dispensary and other dispensaries in Colorado create a more consistent experience for buyers. When you visit a dispensary, you will be told exactly what you are purchasing including amount of THC. You can be confident the marijuana you purchase does not contain any other substance. Additionally, staff working at the dispensaries can educate consumers on the typical experience you can expect when you consume different strains of cannabis or different edible products. With this knowledge, buyers will have a better idea of what to expect from the products they purchase, leading to safer and more enjoyable use.

While many are still hesitant about the legalization of recreational marijuana, there are clear benefits to individuals and communities.Recreational dispensaries like the dispensary in Mountain View and other locations in Colorado are demonstrating these benefits daily. As more is learned about this industry and the benefits are better understood, it is likely the recreational marijuana will continue to grow and positively impact more communities throughout the country.

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