Small business associated with web hosting. Many customers do not understand the complaints of web hosting are wrong, which is not exactly a lot of time can be seen. And think of all the customers have many misconceptions. Some of these types of complaints are described.

Case Study 1 (server down)

No, because the customer does not see the outlook on his Web site that the server is down by contact with the provider. And in most cases, found that the allegations are false. Because many times the customer with the wrong info cpanel / FTP to try to log on the server firewall’s IP blocked due to her or seen any other internet provider because of the shared IP’s trying to login to the Customer due to incorrect info in IPO server firewall blocked. As the site is not going to look at the fruit. Or for your DNS problems may not appear on your site. Of course, Anyway, now that you understand how to make your hosting provider server is actually down? Please follow the following procedure.


1. At first disconnect your net connection and try to visit the site again. Because if your ISP IP is dynamic, because the re-connection will change your password and username allows you to view the site.

2. Try it with a net connection to any other company or in connection with such mobile Internet to visit the site, please try again.

3. Check the following web site address of uptime that is not what is actually down?

4. With the proxy site you can see if your site online.

Now do not get the point without having discovered your site, then you will understand that something must have been on your site. Mail Check to see whether the provider was sent notice of any error or their Facebook / Twitter Check there are no notice? Email if you are across the line, say the problem is the name of the domain, because a company can have more than one server. So put on your site domain name is hosted on a server that can be used to easily learn and update them. Any updates in 1 hour if the ticket / mail messages, or if you talk to across the line.

Case Study II (domain’s Control Panel)

Customer complaints have seen a lot of that has not been the domain of the flowers on the control panel. Who Is the complaint because the domain name does not appear in the Information Checking, reverse phone number, etc., showing the name of the counter. Cheap way to understand the nature of the fact that the customer is given the domain’s control panel. Providers with a phone, or maybe he did not complain to anyone else against those providers. Who Is It Anyway counter is one of the reasons a lot of information regarding the customer’s order in time domain, Privacy Protection / ID Protection / Who is Guard, etc. Check with the customer, and the fruit, due to free URL Privacy Protection / ID Protection / Who is Guard Services Active becomes the domain types of information regarding the name of the counter. For the domain of the first panel in the Control Panel or the companies scheduled to go to see your purchased domain’s Management Privacy Protection / ID Protection / Who is Guard did not have to accept them, the days when disabled. Full control of the domain you are given, and this option is disabled in the course of your information will show up in your domain’s Who Is.

Case Study 3 (slow server)

Customer complaints are a lot of providers, or a slow server. It can occur due to both provider server or customer of the site. The provider’s server would fix this problem, but it’s too late. It is the customer’s own ignorance.

For example, a customer recently told me by phone or our server super slow. Its site and is taking too long to load or. Homepage takes a full load or 4.5 minutes. What connection do I use him? Garmin phone was the answer. What is speed? There are answers, but just 5 of 18 KB. I told her about the site and address the problem of what I call rights reserved and after a while?

After visiting the site of the present conditions to me. Homepage with different size images worse. 972 MB in size and saw its homepage! A large variety of images, plug-ins, etc. at home has many scruples. If you understand,

Please explain to him the site and optimize the images show the proper format, and to refrain from undue use of additional plug-ins.