The web hosting industry is going through a phase of unprecedented growth and development. As a result a number of web hosting service providers have emerged in the market. Almost all of them make the same claims but only a few stay true to what they promise their customers. Greengeeks is one of the major players in the web hosting industry. In this article we will review the greengeeks web hosting service and we will try to justify why it is a good idea to choose greengeeks web hosting service over others.

  • Affordable yet feature rich:

Greengeeks offer excellent and feature rich web hosting service at very cheap prices. Greengeek’s prices are very competitive. You can get a feature rich excellent web hosting plan at a price of only $3.26 per month. Only a few other web hosting services are able to provide web hosting at such competitive prices. If you are low on budget but you want all the features then greengeeks is the only and natural choice for you. At such a low price you get all the premium features of a web hosting service. You get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space, emails, a free domain and 24 hour technical support.

  • Free website building tools:

A lot of high priced web hosting services offer website building tools. Some of us also call them cpanel. Greengeeks also offers you the same cpanel functionality at no additional cost. Getting a website designed from a professional web designer often proves to be costly and many people shy away from taking their businesses online due to this very reason. But with greengeeks you won’t have to worry about paying anyone. The website building tools are easy to use and offer enough functions for you to make your own website within minutes.

  • Technical support:

If you are someone who is doing it for the first time then you will definitely need some technical assistance. A web hosting service that doesn’t provides their customers with efficient technical support will only drive them away. Greengeeks offers round the clock, 7 days a week technical support to all of its customers. You can either call them directly or leave an email and they will get back to you as soon as possible. This takes away the tension of dealing with technical problems and helps you to focus on making your online business a profitable one.

  • 30 day money back guarantee:

We all love to test drive a car before we actually buy it. Greengeeks understand the importance of the money that you pay them. Since greengeeks is quite confident about its services, it offers a 30 day money back guarantee. You can consider these 30 days as a trial period. You can try out all the features that greengeeks offers you on their website. And if in case you don’t like the service then you can demand your money back. Even though with such a good set of services it is highly unlikely that you will demand your money back but it certainly makes you more confident.