Now it is possible to reach customers even in the crowded market the best way, using the possibilities of e-commerce. It is truly impossible to measure how e-commerce is evolving quickly as marketing techniques and technology is changing with lightening speed. There was a time when all people wanted was to place an order online and get the product delivered. Now they want more. They want to have a customized online store to use.

How To Rebuild Your Online Store Using Magento Extensions

In today’s world, it becomes really tough to choose the right tools for better user experience. You can use Magento as it is equally good for designers and developers, working for e-commerce. So here we have mentioned some ways which will help you to improve your online store and make it smart just by using Magento extensions.

  1. No intervention while updating: When it comes to an e-commerce website, when an update is made, a new piece of code replaces an old code or the new code is added to the core code. In the case of Magento, it simply overlaps the old code with the new one thus not intervening with the core code.

  1. User-friendly website: Every e-commerce website needs to be user-friendly. When we say user-friendly, it means that it should properly guide and navigate users on the site so that they can easily shop and checkout.

    For a designer, he mostly makes sure that the website provides a pleasant experience to the customers so that they come again as well as visitors are compelled to buying. But, for a new e-commerce site, it is not that easy to hire an expert an expensive designer. So now hire Magento experts and provide better user experience to your customers, while saving your money, space and most importantly, time. When it comes to online stores developed on Magento, it provides some of the user-friendly features like adding products to wishlist, adding products for future purchase, reading customer reviews, getting alerts on product availability, etc. Different Magento extensions provide a different experience to customers.

  1. SEO friendly: If you want to expand your business and touch larger market coverage, you need to apply SEO. SEO is the best tool to get attention on social media. Magento comes with built-in SEO features which will help to rank better on search engines as well as optimize it to get attention on social media.

  1. Generates more revenue: Globally, there are two types of shoppers. The first kind of shoppers just wants to shop peacefully without getting disturbed by the promotional offers and advertisements. On the other hand, there are others who are looking for deals and complaint if they do not find one. So this issue has been solved by applying marketing techniques based on design, which helps to add new products and generate revenue.

    The stores developed using Magento generates revenue while providing better user experience on the other hand. They come with advanced layout specially designed for e-commerce sites. This helps to display the promotional offers and ads about products, without giving the feel of marketing strategy.

  1. Efficient development process: Magento extensions for online stores comes with some of the best functionalities for design and development. This helps to make the store simple and easy to use and improves the user-friendly feature. You can even modify the current store or create one from the scratch using Magento. It also helps social media users to manage the store easily.

    Moreover, you don’t have to pay more for developing a store by hiring a web engineer. You can take care of your store by yourself. In case you want help, try hiring a Magento expert as it can be cheaper compared to hiring an engineer.

  1. It’s original and fresh: With the help of Magento support, you can create a store which meets the trends of social media. Moreover, such online stores are original and fresh and updates itself along with the changing trends of e-commerce and social media. Magento comes with extensions and features which will help you to make the store more attractive while improving it technically.

  1. Improved social media presence: Customers can connect with each other through the Magento community. Moreover, Magento allows people to connect on social media sites. There are some extensions which will help the stores to maintain social media presence and communicate with others.

In case you want to start an online store without spending much, you can use the free extensions of Magento. You don’t need to buy extensions when you can use these free extensions for an upgrade and other benefits. You can even learn about the technicalities of Magento from the experts by getting along with them on the Magento community. Moreover, free Magento extensions also help to collect customer feedback thereby providing them a better experience.

Author Bio: Ryan is a Magento certified developer working in a renowned web development company. He loves to share about Magento and it’s various techniques used for business growth. In this post he shares few advantages of hire certified magento developer that can be used to develop your business.

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