Mobiles, our wonder devices that connect us to anyone and everyone we know, over the years it has become the foundation of the relationship we share with our family and friends. Our work relationship substantially is more productive because of the feasibility quick communication provides us. In a recent survey by a bank, it was revealed that about 47% people confirmed that they could not go on a day without their phones. People are not that addicted to their morning dose of caffeine or their daily entertainment quota of television as much as they are addicted to their phones.

It has become a common thing these days that when people talk they rarely have eye contact with the person they are having a conversation with because they are too busy going through all the updates in their phone. Now some of us may not do that very often but almost every one of us checks are phones several times a day. Only very few of us will be there who would check their phones when necessary. When asked major portion of the people question prioritized a phone over basic amenities like a toothbrush or deodorant, the teenagers even ranked it higher than sites like Facebook or twitter, and that is saying something.

How Many Days Can You Last Without Your Mobile Phone?

Let us see what would happen if we did not have our precious phone in our lives any more:

1.    Phones these days have become so high tech that they have put clocks and computers out of their job, these camera phones are the reason that the actual cameras are nearing to be a rarity soon. Just think how many of us actually use a clock these days for setting up an alarm or how many of us have a landline connection anymore? So when phones are out of the picture we will learn to enjoy real pictures all again while re-learning to watch time on the clock where it was meant to be.

2.    Earlier it used to slip past us, the minor and sometimes even the major news, but today with new apps like twitter and Facebook where every news spreads like wildfire and is almost impossible to miss. Also, your smart phones are the reason you can fix most of the problems related to work instantly with just a few calls and texts. However, now on the flip side if you are recording something on television you will evade the risk of knowing things beforehand when phone is out of the scene.

3.    When you do not have your phone, you will have no other option than to make appointments and then call on the day to follow it up, also without your smart phones help you will need a map with you to keep you on track.

4.    Over the years we have become so much more engrossed in our phones that we see it as the only medium of communication, almost entirely forgetting what one on one-conversation feel like, so now that phones are not in the scene you will have to meet people in person. Relationships will improve, and you will enjoy a real conversation after a long while. However, no phone will mean no live chat apps which will mean you will see less of people who live far from you. Also you should keep your mobile apps organized. So that you can easily handle it.

5.    The radiation from smart phones is harmful, and it may be disrupting your sleeping habits so when there is no phone chances are that you will sleep better and healthier.

6.    When you use your phone less, or let’s just not be addicted to it 24*7 you free some time for other important things like reading a book or just enjoying the scenery while taking a walk.