Many iPhone users complain about the IMEI Changer feature. This is due to the fact that with this feature every user has unique Apple ID and the iPhone can be accessed only if you provide it correctly along with the password.

But knowing the fact that the IMEI Changer has caused a lot of problems to many users a solution for this problem was expected to emerge. And it did. A group of amazing software developers has managed to create the perfect software tool which can IMEI Changer and remove the lock feature from the devices. With the help of this tool you can remove the imei lock directly from the database of Apple/

Available for Free Download and Use

The developers of the IMEI Changer tool were people just like you who have had problems with the imei lock feature on their devices. Thanks to this now the IMEI Changer feature is available for free download and use. Just navigate to the provided download links bellow and you can obtain the tool.

The IMEI Changer tool has user friendly interface and it is very simple for use. Once you download it, unzip the files and install the tool on your computer. Make sure that your iPhone and PC are connected and run the tool as administrator. Then select the model of your iPhone and provide the IMIE code. After that the tool will do the job almost automatically. Once it finished with the IMEI lock removal you will be asked to create a new account. After your new account is created just go to iTunes and do Update and Restore in order to Activate it. Once Activated your device will be set and you can start using it without having any more problems with the IMEI lock feature.

The IMEI Changer tool works on almost all Apple devices. You can install it on both MAC and PC and you can bypass iPhone 6, 6+ as well as older models and iPod and iPad devices.

So all I can say now is do not let the IMEI lock bother you any longer. Click on the provided links bellow and get the IMEI Changer tool for free now and solve all your problems now!!!