Paleo diet is basically about fully simplifying our normal diet. The theory behind this type of diet is that our genes are actually conditioned to basic life conditions of our ancestors. They ate whatever available to them, such as meat, fruit, berries and vegetable. Our body is fully optimized to digest and obtain energy from these types of foods. However, people eventually started to cultivate plants and domesticate animals. Although these new types of foods could also provide us with energy and nutrients, our body isn’t full adapted to this relatively radical change. Things have started to become much more different in the past 100 years. We started to incorporate more additives to our foods, as well as traces of herbicides and pesticides that we use in the modern farming methods. This concept is proven by the fact that many people are allergic to airy products and wheat. They could start to have unfavourable reactions to these foods, whether we really feel them or not. In fact, human is the only animal that consumes milk of different animals. Although dairy products are nutritious, they are not fully designed for human body.

How To Successfully Undergo Paleo Diet

With paleo diet, we should take ourselves to the basic and eat what our ancestors ate, such as nuts, seeds, fresh fruits, meat and vegetables. We should avoid consuming processed foods. Cavemen ate a lot of meat, but they are often lean meat. They also consumed organs, such as livers and tongues. They may not sound too appetizing for some people in western countries, but they are often loaded with essential minerals and vitamins. Common sense is still the key to the paleo diet. We should know that nuts are incredibly healthy, so it is important to eat enough of them. Nuts are also packed with healthy fats that can reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases and they can lower our cholesterol levels. In fact, paleo diet can help us to lose weight. However, we may need to eat certain food, if we want to lose weight and reduce calories intake. When shopping we should look for vegetables and fruits that are in season, because they are likely still fresh and not stored in cold storage for some time. People who have followed paleo diet will have increased metabolism.

Paleo diet will cause excess fat to be reduced gradually. When we eat food that is easy to digest, our metabolism will increase and our intestines will work easier. Obviously our ancestors didn’t eat big fat cheeseburger and drink Coke for lunch. So, it means that fast food and sugary beverages are off limit. In fact, sugar is relatively a new invention and we shouldn’t consume it. Other common foods, like cookies, pancakes, bread and pasta are based on cultivated grains, so we shouldn’t consume them as well. In general, this could sound like a hard work, but we should be able to have healthier lifestyle if we do this properly.

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