There are hundreds of countries in the whole world economy, Europe, Asia, America and Africa. There will be different meetings at every time within three hundred and sixty five days of the year. We often see Europe and the United States through television. Some political meetings meet, of course, China’s seven-point news to see the most is also a large group of people in the meeting. It is inevitable that any country in which a meeting is focused on the form of opinion. Political meetings, business meetings, corporate meetings, and corporate meetings are held daily in various regions. Political meetings must be staffed to play a role, but some business company meetings can be changed by a high-tech conference system. This new form of meeting is a remote conference. What is a remote conference? Remote conference refers to the video conference, the voice and video images remote interactive sharing. For the data exchange within the computer, the traditional way is to convert to video transmission, this approach will image quality and real-time interaction significantly reduced, to achieve the purpose of cross-regional meetings.

Remote conference is a high-tech research and development of new products, video conferencing vendors through the high sensitivity of the technology developed this popular video conferencing software, remote meetings and video conferencing are using the network and technology to use the meeting The form becomes more simple.

Many domestic enterprises are still in the initial stage of development, there will often be companies to field personnel to the field to do business promotion and sales, if the company held a collective meeting is clearly difficult to arrive in the off-site clerk arrived on time, the other Air tickets, train tickets are reimbursed by the company, these costs down than a set of rental video conferencing software to a lot more expensive, in order to better save the company operating costs, began to have business and business companies began to try to lease the remote conference system and equipment.

Remote conference cannot be replaced by a lot of advantages, some of the economic mind of the company management executives are very clear teleconference brought about by the economic benefits of remote video conferencing in any one place can see the company executives made the meeting on the motion And the requirements of the market staff, the role of the meeting is nothing more than to convey business leaders on the development of some of the expectations of enterprises and management decisions, remote meetings can be the same as the need to convey the information conveyed to the company’s in. The teleconference emerged at the beginning of the twenty-first century, and the future development trend was unstoppable.