October 2012 was the toughest time of Nicki Jenns life. It was when she reached the turning point in her addiction. Let us read her story in her own words:

It was tough for ME to choose between hopes and dreams, or drugs and alcohol. I was intimidated deeply. With all the confusion, I finally choose the road to soberness on October 2, 2012. While most people struggle in identifying their addiction to alcoholism and other drugs, I was aware of everything from the start.

Nicki Journey From Addiction To Law School

Alcoholism was in my family, I was aware that I will get into the booze addiction because the first time I drank, it was different- like addicts do. I was lucky to have identified the signs and feelings of addiction at an early stage but, sadly, it took me forever to come out from the grip of unmanageability of my addiction.

I was never unmanageable for myself, but for everyone else, I surely was a deal to manage. It was all good from the outside, I had friends, good grades, and amazing life but inside I was lonely and miserable.

When I  was 23, it was time for me to chase my dream of becoming a lawyer. I was all set to take my life to another level, as I was preparing for LSAT, however, my addiction had different plans for me.

It was terrible, my LSAT score was so poor because all the time I was high on alcohol or drugs. I wasn’t able to prepare well. I started using preparing for my next attempt and meanwhile took a job at a bar. I choose to be a bartender so that I could drink while on work. One day on my way back home I was pulled over and charged with a DWI.

This was the time I realized how much in trouble I was. I thought over and over again and concluded that I cannot become an attorney if I keep on breaking the laws.

I checked into Alo House Recovery Center, where I was for approximately 35 days.  Upon completing my inpatient rehab program I continued their outpatient program.

Honestly, I wondered it to be a medical program. My idea was 30 days of medical treatment but I was wrong. It was much more than I would have ever thought. They offered me to therapy, meditation, counseling and all those things that have a holistic treatment approach.

There are many people out there who are able to quit smoking or drinking on their own but for people like me, Alo House Recovery Center was the much needed push.

It’s been 3 years since I am sober and I am glad to have my Graduation degree with me. I am all set to appear for the Bar exam.  Unlike those who feel embarrassed or hesitate in sharing their story because they fear people would pass their judgments, I think sharing my story will be helpful for others.

Becoming sober has impacted my life a lot. I have better relationships and social status today. The friends I made during and after my rehab are way too close to me. I love helping others in need.

I think the stigma around the rehab thing must be busted and people would come forward and help others as well as themselves.

I feel thankful to Alo House Recovery Center for bringing me back to life, It was all dark back then but now I can see everything in a clear light.

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