Our body produces completely new cells every day. In fact, our body can be consisted of entirely new cells every seven years. Different parts of our body require different period of time to regenerate. As an example, our skin tissue is completely recycled every two weeks and this is the reason why cuts could heal completely in about two weeks. Our bloods are literally replaced with completely new cells every four months. We also get a completely new liver every six to eight months. Our bones also regenerate, but very slowly compared to other parts of our body. It is clear that our body constantly generate new cells as the old ones die. Brain is probably the most important organ in our body and it also re-grow.

Why Lymphatic and Cardiovascular Systems Are Essential For Brain Performance

In reality, body regeneration depends on a number of different factors. We could see some people struggle to recover their whole life, while others can heal from a health crisis relatively quickly. This also applies with our brain and some elderly could actually match teenagers in cognitive tests. They can keep their independence and their mind sharp. There are things that can maintain brain health and regeneration depends on many different factors. One of them is the immune system and its effectiveness depends on our lymphatic system. In reality, all of us have harmful bacteria, potentially cancerous cells and other nasty things in our body. Lymphatic system is often the only thing that can prevent us from getting sick.

Fully working lymphatic system should be able to catch these bacteria and problematic cells and expel them out of our body. People who know how to take good care of their lymphatic system should be able to stay healthy much longer. They get sick very rarely. People get illness because nasty things have accumulated too much in their body and they have reached a tipping point. Lymphatic system doesn’t work like our blood circulation system. There’s no pump (like our heart) that can circulate the lymphatic fluid throughout our body. But how lymphatic system contributes in maintaining a youthful brain? Lymphatic system doesn’t only get rid of the junk in our brain, it could also remove dead cell brains.

It is clear that fully working lymphatic system is responsible for a healthier brain. A stronger heart could also ensure smoother blood flow to our brain. Our brain should work better when it has more oxygen. It is a common knowledge that regular exercise could improve flow of blood in our brain and this activity should encourage the production of numerous hormones and other chemicals. Eventually, we have better ability to focus, better attention span, improved alertness and elevated mood. All this should add up to superior brain performance. Once we make sure that we have healthy lymphatic and cardiovascular systems, we could make sure that we have improved brain regeneration process. It is also important to exercise our brain more by playing puzzles and other mind games. Like muscles, we need to train our brain cells regularly.

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