If you had enough of urban life, too much crowd and car horns everywhere it is time to sell your apartment and move to the country. For the same price you can get for your apartment in the city you can buy a big property somewhere far away. You can get a big house with a big yard and a part of forest with it. In order to take care of such a place you will have to start doing things a forest ranger does. And if you are wandering what those things are be sure to keep reading.

Start Thinking Like A Forest Ranger

Preventing Weeds and Invasive Plants from Appearing

No matter how big your forestland is there is always a threat from weeds and some invasive plants. If you want to take proper care of the trees in your woods you will have to know how to remove these effectively. First of all you should be able to locate the weeds and identify hazardous plants. Those which can easily disturb your forest are Scotch and other brooms, many different types of thistles and English ivy. Make sure you look up for these and remove them if you spot them in your forestland. One way to keep these out of your forestland is to fertalize the soil enough yet again not too much. Another way to stop these from appearing is to mow higher. When you mow too low there are no enough nutrients for the soil and there is a chance weeds and invasive plants might appear.

Planting Trees

Another task in a forest ranger’s work description is planting trees. If there is room for more trees at your new land there are no reasons why you should not plant them. Before you start doing this you should carefully think about how many and what kind of trees do you want. While you are deciding be sure to have in mind that you should only plant the types that will survive at locale temperatures. You should also select the right time for planting the tree. Time for planting varies depending on the type of the plant. Planting at the right time is a key to having a healthy successful forest. Measure the root ball of any tree you get and dig a hole that is big enough to allow the tree to grow and take root. If the tree is still sapling you can tie it to a stake to help it grow at the beginning.

Start Thinking Like A Forest Ranger

Prune Trees

Forest rangers also prune the trees they are looking after in order to maintain the proper looks of the forest and keep the trees healthy. This is another thing you will have to do if you want to start looking after your own forest. Be sure not to prune too early or at the wrong time as that can weaken it completely and prevent it from growing. Fall is the worst time you can select for pruning the trees. Spores and spread profusely in the fall and the tree will need much more time to heal the wounds during this period of the year. Winter and summer are seasons when forest rangers usually prune the trees. For a job like this you will need big ladders and some powerful cordless drill kits. Only with the proper tools will you be able to remove big branches and take real care of your trees.

If you want to start thinking like a real forest ranger these are the thing you have to know how to do. Taking a proper care of your forest will make your new living place a real paradise. Do this and you will finally have a place where you can escape from all the noise and crowd all of us are facing every day.

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