I am sure that like all the other women even you might be feeling that you do know a few fashion tips, but just don’t feel to give it a try unless told a loud. The same turns out to be for fashion and this is why we always keep sharing the required tips from the experts, fashionistas, designers validating things that we know. And after reading in all those tips we realise how easily we have missed the required details, and how people turn out to have a different perspective to the things that they offer. Keeping the above things in mind given here are the top 5 fashion tips for women given by the successful pro stylists.


Showing Skin Selectively:

Do not give people too many things to look at all at once. Say for example if you are wearing a low-cut dress, then focus on your cleavage after all you don’t need any bare arms and legs. The concept lies really to fit really well. After all a body-hugging dress is much better than a much a more sensible neckline and hem.

Scarves come a long way in all seasons:

The woollen, silk, satin, blankets etc these are the things that you need it all. Some turn out to do wonders during the winters, and some turn out to do well during summers. And the rest are considered to be the best for fashion.

Beginners, Know Your Body:

Knowing and understanding your body is the first basic thing you can know about yourself. After all each and everything turns out to work around it. So, this is one of the biggest fashion tips that no one will actually turn out to give you.

Wearing the right Bra:

Wearing the right kind of intimates is one of the most essential things for both health as well as fashion. So, it is important that you know your size and wear what comforts and fits you. In short you have to know it all.

Washing your clothes, the right way:

Make sure that you don’t mix the white clothes with the colored ones. Don’t have your bras being put inside the washer. Make sure you wash your delicates with a low heat setting after all the sweaters need a different kind of a detergent.

Remember nothing will turn out to work as confidence does. Unfortunately, there is no workaround to this one. Be you, be beautiful. There is no fast rules especially when it comes to fashion. Incase we have forgotten to mention that something is here then please drop in a message in the section given below. Fore more details visit Amolika.