You might be one of those people that simply hates having a boss. Even if it’s nothing personal, you might think that your good ideas never get heard, and you may not want to be following somebody else’s rules when you know you’ve got what it takes to run a business of your own. Unfortunately, setting up a business isn’t a simple task, especially given how much it can cost to start a company. However, there is a very simple way you can significantly reduce your overheads.

Making a Company Look Professional

First of all, let’s look at what it takes to make a company look professional. For starters, many clients are going to want to know that you have your own office. Sure, you don’t necessarily need an office to run a successful business anymore because most – if not all – tasks can be completed from the comfort of your own home.

You Don’t Have To Rent Office Space To Start Your Business

Depending on the kind of company you want to start, you might need a place to hold client meetings. Even if you don’t need an office, you won’t look very professional if you ask important potential clients to meet you at your home or in a local coffee shop.

If you really want to convey an image of success, you might need a receptionist to answer your calls. Besides, receptionists can come in very handy when you’re bogged down with work because they can take messages, offer friendly customer service and save you quite a lot of time when you need to get on with the job at hand.

You may even want to create a memorable brand image for your company by having stationary and hard-copy marketing materials printed with your own unique design, though you’ll need to feature your address and contact details on such items to make sure customers know how to get in touch with you.

All of the above suggests you’ll need to rent an office whether you really need it or not. However, if you want to keep your costs to a minimum, you might want to rent virtual office space from a company such as Velocity Virtual instead.

Benefits of Virtual Office Space

A virtual office could be highly beneficial to your business. It’s low cost, it conveys professionalism, and there are many other perks.

  • Significantly reduced overheads – Running an office is expensive, but renting a virtual office only requires a small investment.
  • You’ll convey professionalism – You’ll have a real address to show clients how successful you are, and you can print it on your stationary and boast it on your email signature.
  • A place to hold meetings – You could opt for a package that allows you to utilise your space just a few days a month for when you want to meet clients.

There may be a time when you’re not required to show proof of your office address to win over clients, but for now, having a registered address is highly beneficial. If you want to show your company in its best light but can’t afford – or have no use for – a real office, a virtual office is the perfect solution.

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