Office 365 has become one of the most popular cloud based service that has been widely implemented across businesses of all types and sizes. It has been in the market for only a few years and has still gained share over a wider market covering all industries. This has been made possible because of its efficiency and reliability, and the consistency it brings to a business. The Office 365 in the Cloud provides all these benefits and the efficiency that comes with the Microsoft Office package. It has also become the favorite cloud based service for freelancers who have a unique business model, giving them more flexibility and resources for succeeding and growing.

Benefits Of Buying Office 365 For Freelancers From Microsoft Csps

Grow your Freelancing Model with Office 365

Freelancers have a unique business model, and Office 365 sits perfectly into it to help them.

  • Minimize your overhead costs, including communication costs.
  • Improve your efficiency by having all your stakeholders and clients working together.
  • Achieve optimal flexibility.
  • Get working anytime and from anywhere over secure platform.

There is so much that Office 365 can help freelancers do:

  • Share information
  • Manage your projects with ease
  • Work on a simple and familiar platform
  • Have better control
  • Improve agility
  • Cost-efficient and quicker collaboration
  • Communicate with everyone instantly

And much more.

If you are going to implement Office 365 into your freelancing business, you will have to decide where to purchase it from. There are two options and one of them is better than the other of a number of reasons. There is the option to buy from a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) such as and directly from Microsoft.

Which is the Better Option & why

You must purchase the cloud service from a well-known Tier 1 Microsoft CSP instead of getting it directly from Microsoft. A CSP is capable of delivering a package that is perfectly suited for freelancers. But you must also ensure that you are choosing the best CSP that has a high market reputation and is capable of meeting your needs.

What can you Expect from a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP

If you are looking for one of the best Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, Apps4Rent is the best option. They provide one of the most efficient Office 365 Cloud package and exceptional customer support service that is essential for freelancers to implement the cloud service into their existing system. They offer comprehensive end-user support plus full-cover service that is ideally suitable for a freelancing business model for adapting to the cloud package. Their customer service is available round the clock and on all days through email, live chat and phone.

Comparatively, buying Office 365 directly from Microsoft comes with its specific set of limitations. If you face any problems, you have to adhere to the company’s specific format for contacting them. Phone support is restricted to only a few problems which are listed on their official critical issues list. Microsoft will offer you minimal assistance to adapt to the new system.

So it is important that you purchase this cloud service only from a well-established and distinguished Tier 1 Microsoft CSP. There is no difference in price or the product, but you will be getting complete range of assistance essential for adapting to the package.

Improve your Business with Special Services

Apps4Rent will also provide you with a larger product bundling option. You can have the Free Project Management Software like Project Online also with office 365. It is going to make your freelancing projects and processes even more efficient and consistent. You can have a Free SharePoint website that allows you to have your project management handled for utmost efficiency. It will be available on another target site All this comes with your data being stored in the same place from where everyone authorized can access it. Then there is complete technical support available to help you at all times.

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