When it comes to healthy eating habits and workouts, nutrition and fitness experts can give us the best possible advice. With years of experience in their field, we can be sure we are on the right path, when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

We have researched a bit to find three nutrition experts and their views on exercise and diet combinations. Their nutrition advice together with specific exercises they recommend will help you better understand the process of not only losing weight, but leading a healthy life, as well.

Nutrition Experts Share Their Advice On Diet and Exercise Combinations

Robert C. Atkins

Robert C. Atkins was a world-famous nutritionist renowned for the famous weight-loss programme known as the Atkins diet. He believed that the combination of exercises and low-carbohydrate diet is a key to success.

According to Atkins, the difference between a low-calorie and a low-carb diet is that even though you reduce the amount of calories, your diet is still high in carbohydrates. The problem with carbohydrates is that they create a vicious circle in which you constantly consume carbohydrates stored as fat and feel hunger and cravings for more carbs. You can consume more calories in the form of proteins, but you can lose weight more quickly as there is no excess fat created by carbs.

When it comes to a workout, Atkins prefer weight training over aerobic exercises for burning calories. However, he does not undermine the benefits of walking, running, bicycling and cardio workouts.

Joy Bauer

Joy Bauer is a Today show nutrition expert famous for founding the Joy Bauer Nutrition Centres, hosting the Joy Fit Club series and a PBS special, Joy Bauer’s Food Remedies as well as launching a food line, Nourish Snacks. She has written 11 books on nutrition.

There are really thousands of tips Bauer has given in various interviews, in her books and on her website. We will mention some of them. For example, Bauer recommends using spicy ingredients including cayenne pepper, hot peppers, or hot sauce and green tea in your diet in order to suppress appetite. She also advises people to swap sugary snacks with energy boosting ones. Some of them are 6 ounces of non-fat yogurt with 2 tablespoons chopped nuts and 1 orange with 15 pistachio nuts.

Bauer has launched an online workout programme, which includes simple exercises called Body Enhancers. Apart from her programme, she also shared advice for exercises for people who spend hours and hours at desk every day. Setting your alarm every hour to buzz so that you can get up and move around is crucial for your overall health.

Nutrition Experts Share Their Advice On Diet and Exercise Combinations

Amir Siddiqui

This personal trainer from Dubai is the owner and founder of Symmetry Gym. Considered one of the best personal trainers in Dubai, he has developed the Fission Fusion Training System, which we will explain a little bit later.

On his blog, Siddiqui shared 6 simple 300-400 calorie recipes you can make for dinner. Not only are there step-by-step guidelines, but you can find out the basics about the ingredients included. He also claims that the myth that we should not eat anything after 7 p.m. should be debunked. First of all, Siddiqui reminds us that the myth that our body stores fat more quickly during sleep is not true, as the research done at the University of Tsukuba, Japan proved. He also claims that it is a trick not beneficial on the long run and that a balanced meal of protein, fat, and carbs can be actually helpful for weight loss.

To return to the workouts, the Fission Fusion Training Model is the combination of two programmes. The goal of fusion programmes is to reverse the effects of everyday sedentary life by training all body parts as a whole, while fission programmes consist of exercising individual body parts. The Fission Fusion Training Model encompasses all possible tools for achieving the best results.

We hope we have inspired you to start a new chapter in your life, at least when it comes to healthy living. Set yourself achievable goals, be determined and patient and always remind yourself of good things a healthy life can bring.

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