Everyone wants their home a perfectly heaven and centre of attraction, but homedecoration tips are not easier, as we think about it. Home decoration is considered to be the overwhelming and literally endless task. But on the other it will create a lot of fun.

Whether you are looking for revamping your home, instant DIY home ideas, or want to give your living room, bedroom and dining area much attractive and contemporary, here you will find some super, simple and smart decorating tips to help you create a home you’ll love.

Decorating a Small Living Space

It takes years to be an interior design expert, but you can decorate like a pro with these basic tips and principals of how to keep and manage all the items in a small space. A small living space can seem more spacious with the right furnishings, planning and design. Here are some simple tips to make a small room seem a whole lot bigger.

  • Save space by using furniture, that serves two purposes.
  • Useless ornaments and create a lively atmosphere with bright coloured walls.
  • Choose corner sofas for your small living area i.e. Amy corner sofas, which is also one of the cheap leather sofas of UK, London.
  • Maximise natural lighting to create the illusion of spaciousness.
  • Use styling and mirrors to maximise space and depth.
  • Footstool with storage space under the seat

Decorating Large Spaces

With these tips, turn an empty and uninviting large space into one that’s cleverly zoned and perfectly cosy.

  • Try to fill vertical height in rooms with tall furniture.
  • For filling the empty space use large furniture and artwork.
  • Use feature to focus the eye
  • Use big furniture and artworks
  • Divide an open-plan room into distinct areas, keep detail similar I each area for maximise effect
  • Fill vertical height in room with potted or slim, slender ornaments
  • Create cosiness with a decorative screen
  • Balance a room with some heavy objects or multiple light objects that are visually equal.
  • Objects that are highly texture, brighter, large or complexity shaped are visually heavier.

Colour Picking

Getting the most out of your favourite bright colour can come down to pairing it with a classic black or white, or by matching it with complementary or harmony colours. Use these tips for creating harmony by using a colour with varying shades, shapes, and textures:

  • Complementary colour directly opposite one another on a colour wheel.
  • Analogous colour uses the concept of side by side on a colour wheel.
  • The triadic colour scheme in which of each point of an equatorial triangle is used to choose three colours.
  • The square colour scheme in which each point of a square can be used to find four colours.
  • A neutral colours palette oozes comfort and classic simplicity. Natural timber and beige colours with deep hues of brown and green earthen tones.
  • White, beige and dark brown mahogany, mocha, taupe and dark cocoa. Grey with soft blue tones and marble with taupes with greys white and pale green.

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