Hypnotherapy has long proven to be an effective treatment for major emotional and health issues. From dealing with traumatic past to kicking off bad habits to improve focus- a lot of problems have their cure in hypnosis. However, some people find it more comfortable to practice self-hypnosis in the convenience of their own homes rather than at a practitioner’s chamber. There are self hypnosis downloads which can be played in the privacy of your room to attain the desired hypnotic trance. Are you too planning to practice self hypnosis with these downloadable audio files? Well, that’s fine and here are some tips to keep in mind in this regard.

Download files from licensed and reputed practitioner

There are scores of downloadable files for self hypnosis online but not all are equally effective. You have to make sure your file is designed by a licensed and reputed hypnosis practitioner.

Get a comparative study

Don’t just settle with the first file you come across online. According to experts, you must get a comparative survey on minimum 4-5 practitioners before you pick your file. There are online directories that rate and reviews the hypnotic downloads. Browse through them for an informed decision. The one you choose should be backed by a long list of happy clients.

It’s better to listen at night

Though there is no fixed time to play the hypnosis files yet the practitioners usually suggest to practice hypnotherapy at night. You need to have a calm and poised ambience to immerse into the hypnotic recordings and night provides that desired tranquility around. Make sure to have your dinner at least an hour before you play the recordings. Get a shower and freshen up. Play the recordings as you reach to your bed.

However, hypnotism is no aromatherapy. So, there is no need to light scented candles during the session. If you want to create a fresh environment in your room, spray a room freshener.

No distractions and no other activities

Hypnotherapy won’t be much effective of you have distractions around you. Also, you must not be doing any other activity while listening to the downloads. The best tip is to play the recordings when you are free and when there is nobody in your room. You have to immerse yourself completely into the recordings so that the sayings directly hit your subconscious.

Besides, “distractions” here not just mean physical disturbances. Emotional stress or anxiety also disrupts the action of hypnotic sayings. These recordings work best when you are calm and relaxed.

Results might vary

Nobody can say how long would it take for you to experience the results with self hypnosis. It depends on your particular problem and your mode of taking the sessions. A lot of people experience immediate transformations while it takes longer for some. However, you can expect to see results within 3 weeks.

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