The Internet is a huge source of information and millions of pages are indexed each day. With the Internet, we are able to write web pages, articles and other things. SEO is a widely discussed topic and we could find an incredible number of e-books and articles about various SEO recommendations and tips. Unfortunately, the Internet can be full with misleading or even wrong information. Search engine algorithm is a mysterious thing and we need it to deal with it properly. Because some articles can be written with people who have limited experience on SEO, it is important for us to avoid believing everything we read online. The accuracy of the information should be verified by experts.

There are many wrong and absurd tips that won’t do any good to our SEO campaign. Many website owners have limited SEO skills, but they want to rank much higher. It is something that we shouldn’t do. There are reasons why we should be somewhat optimistic with SEO, despite some of the warning that we receive:

Duplicate content doesn’t always harm rankings of our website

We often hear that duplicate content will harm our ranking and we hear it quite a lot. In essence, duplicate content is when we take a paragraph or page from other websites and we put it in our own. It means that we are not using unique content. Duplicate content will be penalized in website and most of the time, it is because content can be time consuming to create.

In fact, stealing content over and over again can be considered as black hat techniques. Years ago, many people still gain a lot of traffic from duplicate content, but Google has strictly limited that. However, Google clearly says that duplicate content is penalized if it is intended to manipulate search engines. We may use duplicate content if it can strengthen comprehension for reading our own unique content. It means that we use duplicate content to genuinely help readers.

We don’t need too many links to rank higher

Link popularity is an important concept and it is intended to ensure website will be ranked higher based on specific algorithms. Today, search engines are complicated enough and their behaviours already mimic human’s behaviours. We should know that quality is often more important than quantity. One link from reputable and relevant website is more valuable than 25 links from relatively unknown and irrelevant website. It is possible to rank at 3rd pages of Google search results for moderately competitive keywords with 100 unique links from relevant websites.

Results from SEO can be faster and easier to achieve

It is true that the Internet is more competitive than five years ago. Highly competitive keywords can be quite difficult, but many long tail keywords already deliver decent traffic, due to the increased usages of the Internet. By choosing the right long tail keywords, it shouldn’t be long and hard to obtain good results with SEO.

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