The creative director plays a crucial role in an advertising agency. He has to take the responsibility for the quality of the creative output of the agency. The entire creative team which consists of artists, copywriters, photographers, graphic designers works under his guidance. His main job is to come up with innovative ideas and concept for advertising and promotional campaigns as per the needs of his clients. Creative directors also have to write copies and come up with chronological advertisement plans explaining the ongoing process of a project if the agency is small.

He deals with the big-shot clients and interacts with them personally to know exactly about their needs and wants. The creative director of an advertising agency has to ensure that the creative team is able to complete the project in the most efficient manner within the given time by the client. In small agencies a creative directors take up the role of copy writer, art director and also the lead designer.

As we know creativity is the base of any advertising campaign it is unessential to say that for an advertising agency it is very important to hire a talented and experienced creative director in order to succeed. DDB Worldwide is a highly ranked advertising agency with global presence. Headquartered in New York, DDB NY is regarded as one of the best advertising agencies in the United States. Undoubtedly being the creative director of such a company is highly prestigious.

Joseph Cianciotto used to be the executive creative director and the chief digital officer at DDB NY. He provided his invaluable services to the company for 11 years. During his work tenure his leadership was expanded to print and broadcast media, Customer Relationship Management or CRM, digital media and branded content. His client base included  Electrolux, Glidden, Reebok, USTA, Cotton, Subaru,  Unilever,  Diet Pepsi, J&J, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Gibson, Merck, GP, ExxonMobil, NBA, NFL, NY Lottery, Electrolux, Glidden, UTC and State Farm.

After working for over a decade at DDB NY, Joseph Cianciotto joined another renowned advertising agency of U.S. named Translations. His position was of the executive creative director. He was in charge of the creative content produced within the agency. Mr. Cianciotto is a graduate from Carnegie Mellon University in visual communication. He completed his graduation in the year 1995. He joined a reputed advertising agency called D’Arcy Worldwide from in the early 1998. He was working there as a creative director and vice president.

Mr. Joseph Cianciotto is also the receiver of many awards in the ad industry such as Cannes, ANDY, One Show, Cilos, Webby and Comm. Arts. What makes him exceptional in the field of advertising is his talent and dedication to his work. Years of experience in the advertising agency has helped him to gain a deep knowledge about the in and out of advertising. An important element of his work can be reflected in Bully project, ReachOut (for the prevention of suicide), KnowHowToGo and the AARP Caregiver initiative which was done in conjunction with the AD council. When not working, Mr. Cianciotto likes to spend time with his wife and two daughters.

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