Do you have a click-to-call button on your website? The click-to-call technology allows you to add the button to any of your online advertising material. You can include the click-to-call button on your directory, website, or email. By clicking on the button, customers are directed from your web page to your customer care representatives for a voice call. Many business owners have added this button on their website without a clear understanding of its role in the growth of their business. They would be more creative and intentional about the click-to-call button if they understood its full benefits. Here are five facts about click-to-call button you wish you knew before.

  1. The highest percentage of searchers use the click-to-call button on search engines

According to a study conducted by Google (2013), 70% of mobile phone users click on the call button to communicate to companies directly. They click on the button from the search results on their mobile phone. The main reason for investing your resources in web marketing is to attract traffic to your website. Most of your target customers will click on the click-to-call button if it is available and visible.

5 Important Facts About The Click-To-Call Button

Image credit: Apico

  1. Most customers require the button at the research and purchase stages

You increase your sales by converting more leads into actual sales. Visitors to your website are potential leads that you can convert into sales with the right strategies. Google found out that the click-to-call button is important to 51% of mobile searchers during the research stage. At this point, the customer is looking for addition information about your service or product to make a decision. About 61% find the button important when purchasing the product. You may lose the potential customer if the button is non-functional or unavailable on your website.

  1. Customers explore other brands if the click-to-call button is not available

You may have provided all the information about your business on your website and included a live chat for your customers. However, customers prefer a voice call to clarify some issues and gain confidence in your brand. The study by Google indicated that 47% of searchers look for another brand if a search result does not have a click-to-call button. You do not want to lose your customers to your competitors simply because they cannot call you directly from their search results.

  1. Customers use the click-to-call button for quick feedback

The email, live chat, and phone numbers on your website do not meet all your customers’ needs. The majority of the customers prefer the click-to-call button to get quick answers and make a decision. About 59% want quick answers while 51% want to speak to a real person. As indicated in the previous section, they will move on to another website if they cannot achieve this goal. Realize that not all customers are willing to wait for 10 minutes or an hour for a response to their email or live chat.

  1. Advertisers receive millions of calls every month from the click-to-call button

Your business can be among the businesses that are building a long-term relationship with their customers every month through voice calls. You can make your advertisements more effective by adding the button to each advert.

We have listed the top five advantages of the click-to-call button to your business. You can build long-term relationships with your customers and increase your sales by utilizing this button properly.