Relocating to and finding a job in South Africa is a thought that crosses the minds of many foreign nationals who are attracted to the country’s diversity and colourful history. As high as the unemployment rate is in South Africa, there is a skills shortage in the country and in some special cases, employers may decide to hire overseas to make up for this gap. Being a free market, the country has a thriving private sector, and as a foreign national,there may be an opportunity where your particular talent lacks. Once you have made up your mind, you can visit to grasp the nature of jobs available in the country and where you may fit in as a job seeker.

South Africa’s promising industries are telecoms, healthcare, eCommerce, tourism, finance, mining, IT and retail. The shortage is in the areas of accountant jobs, Insurance Brokers, Auditors and consultants. You can apply for a work permit at your nearest South African embassy if already have a job offer. Alternatively, if you haven’t found a job but you are ready to look for work there, you can apply for a work seeker’s permit.

Zigo offers a wide range of jobs for people who are considering work in South Africa. The South African job portal offers its user the opportunity to browse through jobs from a different recruiters and site on a single website. Most of the jobs in South Africa pay decently for individuals with advanced skills in their chosen profession. The country has 11 official languages; one of which is English so it is an advantage to be fluent in the language. Apart from professional opportunities, the country is characterised by a democratic system and is known for achieving successful equality in the workplace through empowerment programs aimed at previously disadvantaged communities.

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