I believe, that food is tasty and yummy when it makes you fall in love, the one that raises hormones and get you in the mood or prepare you for romantic cues. Scroll down and see which food can make you more tempting and turn you on for romance.

Chocolates – how do you like it? Dark, white or milky? Chocolate is known for happiness bringer. If you are sad, you need chocolates. If you wanna elevate your mood, you need chocolates. Dark chocolate causes a dopamine, which induces the feeling of pleasure and love.

Chillies – red color that ignites passion. The chillies stimulates feeling good chemical in the brain. It helps you to speed up heart rate and get you sweating. That induce the feeling for more aroused.

Domino’s and Pizza hut pizzas – there is no better feeling of having the variety of pizza in the world. Whether its break up or patch up party, you celebrate with pizza. Mom doesn’t want to cook anything, you order pizza. It is known as mouth watering option when you left with nothing option in food. You can have it every single day by just choosing dominos coupons.

Top Foods To Make Your Eyes Dilate

Fig – this is the leaf of Adam and Eve’s time. This is filled with antioxidant, fiber and potassium to represent fertility and sensuality. A symbol of love is almost in all the culture. Mostly use to topping on various salads or meals. This help to increase the hormones and power of love between both of you.

Honey – it is true, word honeymoon came from honey. It is use to regulate oestrogens level and provide a natural energy to boost. Use of honey in the morning with luke warm water can help to reduce weight. Hippocrates also prescribe honey as a sexual booster. So make sure before having fun, try one table spoon of honey with water.

Artichoke – do you wanna enjoy the feeling of thorny love? This is best to have before making love. In ancient geek time, a women had used to turn king into thorny. Artichoke basically use to enhance sexual power and to improve the conception. It is full of nutrition and antioxidant.

Parsi eggs – prepare yourself to dive into the sea of spice and taste. Yes, Parsi eggs are not only spicy but indulge in your mind for several months. Every Indian has it own recipes to cook this meal with variant ingredients. You can best check out this dish on foodpanda coupons as they allow you to taste egg curry in minimal rates.

Rogan Josh – a famous dish which introduced by Kashmir. It is robust with variety of spices and cook with lots of garam masala and fenny seeds. This special type of non veg is lucilicous.

India is melange of various culture where you can taste variant foods with best foodpanda deals. I am excited to hear from you what yours favorite food.

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