Everyone has something in their appearance they’re not completely satisfied with. Your nose is too big, your hair is too curly, your boobs are too small, etc. First, it’s important to understand that every complex is in your head. It’s completely OK to look different from the people we see on magazines, on TV and on social networks. First, these people are retouched with Photoshop or with a large amount of makeup. Second, the society standards don’t define beauty. Although, even if everybody is pretty, it’s normal to dislike a part of yourself and it’s a great thing to put some efforts to change it if it really bothers you. Here are some ways to help you understand how pretty you are.


One of the biggest sources of complex is the face. It’s easy to think that your nose isn’t right, your cheekbones are too low or your lips are too small and there’s an easy solution for that, plastic surgery. Even if you think they’re unaffordable, plastic surgery in Montreal are not that expensive and they could totally help you with your complex. It’s totally OK to have something you’re not satisfied with changed.

If you don’t want to make a drastic change but only have a better glow, you can also try makeup tricks. You can now find many makeup tutorial online for every makeup mood. Makeup shouldn’t be a way to change your face in your daily life, it should only be used to showcase your natural assets.


The body is another big source of complex. The most common is to think that you’re too big. It’s important to understand that the standards of thinness aren’t defining beauty. It may be hard to believe, but the cult of thinness is a conception of the society we live in. Although, if you’re not comfortable with your body, it’s OK to change it. The ways to improve your body are known: eat better and do sports. It’s important to keep it healthy though.


Even if this one may seem ineffective, it can be the only thing you need to improve your appearance. As I mentioned, everyone is pretty and some people only need a little glow up to realize it. According yourself the right to wear clothes you find pretty is allowing yourself to be pretty. Your style doesn’t have to be fashionable, it only has to correspond to your personality and your tastes. If you think it’s pretty, it is. If you think it looks good on you, it does. Trust yourself, take risks and always be proud of what you look like.

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