We often crave for an escape as a result of being too overwhelmed because of being caught in the ever so tangled web of hectic schedules. And it is everyone’s right! Once in a blue moon, everyone should and must get that dose of a much-needed break. And camping is that picture-perfect escape; serene yet adventurous! Fishing, hiking, rafting; camping is a complete fun-filled package, something both the children and adults could enjoy. It is one activity which is not limited to a certain age-group. Yes, it is for all!

It is, however, quite a task to plan one; therefore, we are coming with five tips to help you plan things when it is camping you are opting for as a holiday activity.

Spare Lights:

Stargazing is indeed beautiful, but often the time of need requires some extra lighting. You surely will want to go the bathroom comfortably and that’s when you will need light the most. Hence, other than your cell phone flashlight do not forget to pack in some extra emergency lights and torches.

A pro-tip for you is to check the bulbs beforehand while packing so that you do not encounter any issue when you are amidst camping and in need of light. The campsites could be pitch dark and we are sure no one wants to get lost in those!

Sleep Well:

The entire day can get ruined if one does not have a good sound sleep. Make sure you have enough sleeping bags as well as pillows to comfortably sleep on. Even a duvet would work fine as it will keep you all warm and cozy.

Pack up separate sleeping bags or insulated camping mats for kids because sleep is one thing where everyone wants to stay in their own comfort zones.


Before you head out for camping, do the math as to what features you would like to have in your tent keeping in mind the number of members joining in for the trip and their ages. Once you have got the right tent, practice setting up in a garden or a park where it is windy. This way, you will be able to handle the tent perfectly when you will set it in real on the campsite.
Just so you know, a tent made of nylon or polyester is the best ones. They are very easy to handle and super affordable. Moreover, they are extremely light-weight and quite resistant to rips. Make sure you do your research while selecting the best camping tents for a hassle-free adventure.

Disposable Plates and Cutlery:

Camping is absolutely fun if you have the correct gear with you to make the most of the trip. And the ultimate key to being stress-free on camping is to bring paper plates, cups, spoons and other utensils. This saves up a great amount of time and effort. All you have to do is just whizz it off and throw up in a bin. This is how you play safely on a campsite! The washables can be a nuisance on a camping trip. Hence, disposable items save the day! Make sure, you purchase the ones which are biodegradable or compostable. Also, don’t forget to pick your trash and keep the campsite clean.

Emergency and Care Kit:

Prevention is better than cure! Therefore, make it a priority to pack in a first aid kit. Also, when you are accompanied by kids, it is always a smart choice to pack a travel-friendly emergency kit. From painkillers, wound and burn care, q-tips, bandages to ointments and antiseptic wipes, ensure you have everything in the right place. In addition to this, the bug-repellent is your camping best friend. Slather it all over your skin as well as clothes and keep those nasty mosquitoes miles away. Hand sanitizer and a good sunscreen are other must-have items.

Camping can be a nuisance if the packing isn’t done right. It is the stuff you pack which makes or breaks a trip. We hope these tips prove to be beneficial for you when you plan your trip.

Camping is a beautiful opportunity to connect with the Mother Nature. Now that the tips are on your finger-tips, you are good to go. Bask in nature’s beauty and glory.  May the upcoming trip be a joyful experience!

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