The green provinces of Catania are famous of big squares and broad streets, architectural monuments, made of volcanic stones and bronze colors. The historical and cultural heritage all together with friendly atmosphere makes this city special for everyone. Have you ever been to Catania? If you have already visited Catania, you may come back and see 10 more interesting places to love the city with all your heart. Never forget to hire a car in Catania to feel free and travel over the city from one side to another, hunting for attractions. So, let us go! Never forget to…

Succede alle cantine Caprai...

Taste Italian Wines in the Underground Cafe

Do you think of drinking wine in the Italian cafe? It would be better to do this underground on the bank of the river. Are you surprised? There is a beautiful and mysterious underground river in Catania. It was appeared as the result of big earth quake in 1693. You should know that the famous city fountain dell’Amenano takes water from this river. There is a great opportunity to see the river underground, sitting in the underground cafe with the bottle of wine. Think about it! Welcome to Agora Hostel – popular place in Italy. Monday and Tuesday sales offer all drinks for cheap.

Learn History in the Museum of Air Forces of the USA

This is your chance to feel Italy of the year of 1943 with the help of unique and realistic exposition of the city museum. There is a big collection of war relics, war outfits, rescue relief are and many other interesting things of past years. You can feel strong emotions and strong character of the past solders. The museum is located in the industrial area of Catania, not far from the central station. The museum welcomes visitors on Tuesday-Sunday from the morning till 5 p.m. for 4 EUR.

Walk Along the Red Light District – San Berillo

It is very important for tourists to visit San Berillo. What do you know about this street? The street became the most popular place for tourists since it had gotten the name of the Red Light District. The women of the street come here for pleasure. It is not prostitution or something. These are original and creative ideas for pleasure. Welcome to the OpificioZeronove – a pub, where all interior items are made of bicycle parts. You are also welcomed in the museum of modern art Reba Gallery. It was opened in 2009 in the frame of architectural project to renew the historical region of Catania.

Get Some Arabian Shopping

If you want to see real Catania, you should visit one of the city markets. Want some fish? – Welcome to the famous Pescheri. This is a part of touristic route. There is one more market that is not popular for tourists but worth visiting – Fera o Luni. The square and nearby streets come to life every day, except Sunday. Actually, this is a big number of tents in Arabian style, where you can find everything, including clothes, CD, fruits and vegetables. The chain of aromas, crowded streets, interesting people are waiting for you.

Shop front

Visit Terrace Badia di Sant’Agata – the Heart of Baroque in Catania

This terrace is considered to be the most beautiful and admirable representative of baroque in Catania. This place were renewed and opened for visiting. It is necessary to discover one of many beautiful churches in the city. Never forget to see the Etna view from the top of the terrace. The time for excursion is from 9 a.m. till noon (3 EUR). You can also visit terrace from 7 p.m. till 10 p.m. and Saturday (7 EUR).

Enjoy the beauty of Plazzo Bisca

The castle was renewed and restored after the big earth quake in 1693. Plazzo Bisca is the oldest in the city and the brightest representative of baroque style. You can see the princess’s apartments, marble floor of Roman style, ball rococo. The castle was specially created to surprise visitors with bright appearance and interesting stories about the castle owner and his glorious relatives. Goethe, who was a genius writer, considered this palace as the most admirable place in Sicily.

Fontana di Trevi Italy Roma - Creative Commons by gnuckx

Go to the Etna Fall: Circumetnea

This is a unique chance to see Etna and make a big step back to the glorious past. It is all about old train that is only one in Sicily. It goes from the center of the city to Riposto, including many interesting places of Etna. Of course, you will travel slowly and noisy. Nevertheless, it is really charming. Look at the window. The landscape is different: green and aromatic lemons, tangerines and pistachio. Pay attention to Randazzo – the region is famous of black buildings, made of volcanic stones. Then, you should go further to Riposto to come back to Catania. Enjoy the trip!

Puppet Workshop of Naples Brothers

The workshop was organized by Naples family. It is situated in Catania and open for visitors. Of course, it is necessary to book tickets beforehand.

Visit the Roman Amphi-Theatre in 3D

Make a step back to the 4th century to enjoy the beauty of the glorious Roman amphi-theatre. This ambitious project was developed in Catania a couple of years ago by the company of enthusiasts. They help restoring and learning culture, consisting of archeologists, geo physics, architects and others. The laboratory works from Monday till Friday from 9.30 a.m. till 7 p.m.

Marzamemi, la piazza

Go to Have Traditional Dinner

Finally, you feel happy but hungry. Are you really hungry? It is very important to finish your travelling tour with the tasty dinner a cozy Italian cafe or restaurant. You may try dishes of Italian cuisine for 10 EUR. You feel relaxed and absolutely satisfied from visiting tasty and atmospheric place that makes the history of the country. The list of the most interesting and atmospheric places of Sicily is not full. You can use your car and find something special according to your taste. Discover new places and share with your friends.

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