Cleaning the gutters is an important part of home maintenance. That said, for most homeowners, gutter cleaning is most likely at the bottom of their list of things they want to deal with. As a matter of fact, a lot of homeowners wait until they notice a problem before they have their gutters cleaned. Unfortunately, avoiding this important task can have costly effects. This brings us to . . .

The Perils of Not Cleaning Your Gutters.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Leakage

One of the most common problems for uncleaned (and even clean) gutters is leaking. The good news is that a routine inspection of the gutter can easily find the source of the problem. If the leak goes unchecked, it can cause a significant amount of damage to the gutter itself and the exterior of the home. A leak ends up causing rot and mold, resulting in the gutter coming loose and falling from the roof.

Leaky Roofs

If the gutter can’t handle the water drainage from the roof because you haven’t been cleaning your gutters, it can cause roof leakage. If water spillage doesn’t flow to the ground the way it should, it will accumulate on the roof causing expensive damage. Worse, during the cold months, uncleaned gutters can fill up with ice, causing snow to buildup on the roof. The snow buildup adds weight to the roof and when it eventually melts, will cause a destructive amount of damage.

Rotting Wood

If your gutter isn’t draining water properly, it will accumulate and saturate into the home, an even bigger problem if the home has a wooden foundation and some do. As time passes, the wood will rot, causing foundation damage and potentially major issues with the home’s structure.

Pest Infestation

There’s one thing you can count on – wherever there’s moisture, you’ll find pests. Without a properly maintained gutter, the moisture and water buildup will eventually cause a pest infestation by attracting insects like roaches, mosquitoes, termites, earwigs and carpenter ants.

Leaks in the Basement

In most cases, gutters drain toward the bottom edges of the home’s exterior. If they haven’t been maintained, any excess water will collect around the exterior of the basement, eventually leaking in. A leaking basement is one of the most hazardous dangers of not having gutter cleaning done and can result in electrical shock, a gas leak and toxic pollutants in the home.

Cracks in the Foundation

Similar to rotting wood, foundation cracks come about when water is absorbed into the property’s foundation. More prone to happen during the colder months because of the freezing temperatures, water buildup will result in cracks in the foundation and walls. Unfortunately, the damage caused isn’t noticeable because it’s in between the walls, eventually leading to toxic mold in your home.

You can avoid the perils listed above by scheduling your gutter cleaning (fall and spring) and having them inspected on a regular basis. Reputable CT gutter cleaning companies offer an annual program that you can sign up for, meaning that you’ll never have to worry potential gutter problems again and your home will be protected.

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