Ajmera Realty is providing superb lay out for a residential project in city of Information Technology Park known as Bangalore city as name Ajmera Lugaano. The presentation of apartment is superb made on the concept of high living standard in town like Bangalore. Ajmera Lugaano will give you splendid result in future due to establishment in the heart of Yelahanka. Even Lugaano is lies at the edges of the Lugaano Lake which is situated between the lakes of Lago Maggiore and Laga di com, south of Alps with the offer of picnic spot spaces and much enjoying services like house boating facility etc. These are the reasons Lugaano has attracted to the developer for the investment in Ajmera Lugaano residential project.

Ajmera Lugaano With The Way Standard Life In Yelahanka Bangalore

Ajmera Lugaano Yelahanka Bangalore Specification

Infrastructure- Ajmera developer is known for their dedication, hard working ability, experiences and investment in their project. Regarding to this Ajmera Group has invested lot of money for providing all kinds of conveniences for in Ajmera Lugaano Bangalore residential project. They have been inspecting the region and apartment structure since start the project. Best kinds of building materials are used for the project apartment like sands, tiles, bricks, iron rods and latest technology equipment. The building will be stood on the crutch of solid base of beams.

Wall structure- Every wall of Ajmera Lugaano project is preparing with the technology of machinery and will spotted with RCC frame structure for providing safety to natural hazardous like earthquake, cyclone and heavy rain fall etc. Every portion of wall is separated with wall putty in respect to give solid infrastructure to the apartment.

Decoration- The front side of Ajmera Lugaano apartment is decorated from the stunning colors of paints like blue, cream and white. Marbles are given in order to grant some special tinsel on the walls which will shine in the day lights. Plaster has done on the walls of the building is superb. You will find the world class environment for the living standard, comfy decoration and luxurious features view.

Electrical conveniences in Ajmera Lugaano Yelahanka – The developer has planned to give every electrical privilege like fan spaces, cooler spaces, AC spaces and TV spot etc. A great team of electrical engineer has done wiring in the wall of the apartment’s flats. So you will never need to take any difficulties for the placement of equipment. In every flat socket for the mobile charger, iron press and hair dryer etc are given. These all things will be provided you luxurious life.

Ajmera Lugaano Yelahanka Bangalore amenities: – Who does not want to arise with the exotic view in the morning and taking superb bath in the swimming pool among the feel of joy. For that a big swimming space is available along with sky blue water and you can take sun bath on the chair placed at the edges of pool. After that you can go for the fitness in gymnasium which will be separated with latest appliance of exercise. You will enjoy the playgrounds, water supply, electrical power, solar panel, sewage lines, open cafeteria, club region, party hall, marriage hall and many more things in the Ajmera Lugaano Yelahanka Bangalore residential project.

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Ajmera Lugaano Yelahanka Project Bangalore

Ajmera Lugaano has superb view in Yelahanka Bangalore

Ajmera Lugaano in Yelahanka Bangalore with luxury homes

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