Everyone has a different reaction to alcohol. You’ll meet people who drink sociably without any issues with addiction. Other personalities, however, fall into addictive behaviors almost immediately. Alcohol simply affects the mind in various ways, which is why addiction is so complex. Learn about the facts behind addiction and your recovery options. Alcohol detoxification is possible when you seek out the proper services.

Understanding Alcohol Addiction In Its Many Forms

The Initial High

Alcohol is technically a depressant because it targets a neurotransmitter called gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA. As you drink alcohol, any GABA within the mind will be amplified with the chemical reaction. You end up feeling lethargic yet uninhibited in your actions. The peak of this high is a feeling of calmness. People who find themselves addicted to alcohol want to feel the high’s ultimate peak with each sip of the bottle. The human body doesn’t achieve the same high every time, however, so you drink even more as a way to compensate.

Compensating For Life’s Stressful Events

Alcohol addiction seems to be prevalent today because of the increased stresses in life. People use alcohol to escape. The GABA neurotransmitter makes people feel calm and safe. In its natural form, GABA is meant to relax the body when you’re dealing with stress on a daily basis. By drinking excess amounts of alcohol, you end up with an unbalanced mind that simply seeks out natural homeostasis. When no alcohol is in your system, you crave it on a primal level because the body sees it as a way to balance out its chemical reactions.

Financing the Behavior

Because of the chemical imbalance that occurs with constant consumption, alcohol addicts find themselves craving the drink. The brain no longer offers a healthy dose of GABA so the person relies on alcohol to balance out the situation. Addicts find themselves buying more and more alcohol, and they may even stash it away. In fact, other financial commitments become a distant memory as alcohol takes the lead. If you or a loved one are addicted to alcohol, money will almost always be limited as the funds funnel directly into the person’s addictive behavior.

Avoidance and Aggression

When an addict isn’t ready to admit to a problem, you’ll encounter both avoidance and aggression. Addicts value their time with the substance so they avoid other situations as a rule. Dinner with friends, a day out with loved ones and other adventures take a backseat to the addiction. If anyone comes between the addict and their substance of choice, an aggressive response is typical. Hurtful words come into play where loved ones feel alienated from the addict as he or she tries to feed the addiction.

The Withdrawal Syndrome

Understanding alcohol addiction also includes its physiological aspect. The human body offers a rewarding response as you drink the substance of choice, but it also reacts in a negative way immediately afterward. Nausea, tremors, anxiety and insomnia are just a few of the withdrawal symptoms felt by alcoholics when they sober up. It’s understandable that they want to feel good again by reaching for another drink. Withdrawing and recovering from alcohol abuse, however, is the only way to stop this seesaw effect of a balanced and unbalanced mind.

Entering Detoxification

Entering any program, including Life Recovery of the Palm Beaches, requires a big, first step. Addicts must admit to a problem. They cannot be forced into any program because progress won’t occur. You have to want the detoxification. When you enter detox, it’s an ideal situation to calm the mind and body. Professionals monitor the addicts so that they’re as comfortable as possible. The journey is still difficult, but it’s eased with the help of professionals who know how to quit almost any substance.

Recovering With Support

Most detox periods are followed up with counseling on both private and group levels. There are mental triggers that must be dealt with as the person returns to everyday life. As addicts learn more about their life as a sober person, they’ll gain mental strengths to recognize these triggers and fight them off. Support continues with third-party groups that are available throughout the week.

From alcohol detox in Palm Beach to support groups outside of Florida, the addicted mind has many options for recovery. Lean on loved ones as you make the transition into a recovery program. Being honest and forward about your problems is the first step toward a sober life. Fight addiction’s cyclical nature with professional help.

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