Building a custom home is an exciting venture not only into homeownership, but also your creative side. There are many creative elements involved in designing a home, especially if you use a custom log cabin builder with an eye for architecture. You will, of course want to first secure a reputable and reliable professional builder in that has proficient experience building log cabins. That is obviously the first, and perhaps most important step.

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Once you have your cabin builder signed onto the project, then at the very least you can depend on them to see the job through to the end. The next step is to make sure you ask your builder the right questions before, during and after the project is set in motion. Here are four things to ask your custom log cabin builder before signing on with them.

1. Which construction is best for my home?

It is crucial that you ask your cabin builder which type of construction is best for your project. While the decision may ultimately come down to which type you prefer, you will ultimately need to choose between the three main types of log cabin construction: stick built, home kit, or pre-assembled.
While choices like building a pre-assembled and home kit log cabin may be more affordable, they do still have drawbacks and many unforeseen logistical problems that can arise. For instance, because it will be constructed off-site, it can be exceedingly difficult to ensure a pre-assembled cabin is a perfect fit for your land. Similarly, having your custom log cabin builder use a home kit on the project can too present logistical problems on your land. This is true for many areas in the Carolinas.
While it can sometimes be the most expensive, choosing the stick built option is the best way to ensure your log cabin turns out exactly the way you wish. Constructing a stick built log cabin ensures it will be placed in the precise location you want it to be, and that you can oversee the entire build on your land.

2. How are you going to stay on budget?

Staying true to a budget on a home building project can be increasing difficult, especially for the cabin owner. For such reason, you should make sure that your builder is willing and able to remain faithful to your budget. Because the money is not theirs, you may find a professional builder in that has a tendency to overspend, but if you tell them that you absolutely cannot afford to go over budget, then they will have no other choice but to comply. You should make sure they know that the project will not see completion if they go over budget.
To further prompt your custom cabin builder, you should ask questions about how they plan to stay within your budget, and what sort of money saving techniques they usually perform for their clients. Such techniques may involve using wholesale materials, or perhaps even tapping resources, like timber that your property has to offer the project.

3. What about changes?

Changes to your cabin’s blueprint are to be expected. Whether they are made at the behest of you, or your log cabin builder, they should always remain up to your discretion. With that said, you should ask your cabin builder about such changes before construction begins.
Moreover, you want to make sure the builder will be able to adapt and know how to make certain changes that will be necessary in order to make your new cabin a reality. While it may be difficult to take your custom log cabin builder on their word in this regard, if you are really worried, you can test them with a change early on before the project officially starts.

4. Who will take care of utilities?

Because cabins are usually located in remote locations, things like electricity, water, and sewage become concerns that would otherwise not require a second thought in an urban area. Not every custom log cabin builder will assist you with this aspect of making your dream home a reality However, you should definitely ask, because it will be much easier if you receive guidance on the different utility options you have in the wilderness.
There are certain questions you should undoubtedly ask a prospective log cabin builder before signing on with them. While it may be easy to overlook these simple aspects prior to going to work with a contractor, it is a great reassurance that the custom log cabin builder you have commissioned to build your dream home truly understands what you want, what you expect, and the intricate details that come with building custom homes.
Building custom log cabins is a heavy undertaking, financially and emotionally. You are investing your life’s work into a dream home for you and your family. Work with a custom log home builder that will listen to your concerns and answer authoritatively on the important details that will turn your dream home into reality.

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Chris Miller is a seasoned log cabin craftsman and the owner of Professional Builders, a custom home builder in North Carolina. Chris is a master craftsman partnered with Moss Creek Homes and Hearthstone, and is a certified green builder. Visit to read more of Chris’ custom home building tips.

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