Even though you might already be thinking ahead to the upcoming winter holidays, it is important to seize the moment and enjoy autumn during its last few weeks. One great way to end your fall season is by taking your family to pick pumpkins and apples for holiday pies and other flavorful treats; pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween, and the process of going apple and pumpkin picking can be a great experience for the entire family.
There are pumpkin patches and apple orchards all over Colorado and the rest of the United States; all you have to do is look for directional signage that will point the way. You can also do a search online or ask your friends and family members about pumpkin patches and apple orchards in your area that allow you to do your own picking. You are sure to enjoy the experience of both picking your own fresh produce and relishing the fruits of your labor in all of your holiday pies and treats this year.

Start a New Tradition

Although you probably already have a lot of great family traditions that you enjoy during the holidays, pumpkin and apple farms can be a whole new treat that you can participate in every year. Along with the joy of picking your own produce, you have access to other seasonal activities as well, such as hayrides and navigating your way through a corn maze. These festivities can be fun and affordable new traditions for your entire family.

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Teach Your Kids

Taking your family to pick apples and pumpkins is a great way to introduce your children to new things. For example, you can point out the differences between the retail signage that is used at grocery stores and the display stand methods that are used at local produce stands and farms. This can be a great opportunity to start teaching your children about value of freshly grown produce.
Teaching your children more about how apples and pumpkins are grown and raised can also be an exciting and enlightening experience. Not only can you show them how produce actually makes it to your family’s table, but you can also teach them the hard work that goes along with picking pumpkins, apples and other produce. Once your little ones experience the fun of picking their own fruits and vegetables, they will probably want to pick all of their produce from now on, and the adults in the family are sure to enjoy a trip to a pumpkin patch or apple orchard.

Enjoy Delicious Fresh Produce

Although you might be able to whip up delicious pies and other treats from the produce that you find at your favorite grocery store, you really can’t beat the freshness and flavor of fresh pumpkins and apples. Try using your pickings in all of your old favorite recipes, and look online or in cookbooks and magazines for new ideas. The possibilities are endless when you have a bounty of fresh apples and pumpkins. Not only can you make delicious sweets, but you can use these tasty fruits and vegetables in savory dishes as well. Once you start whipping up flavorful, seasonal treats, you will wonder why you never experienced the joy of fresh local produce before.

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Support Your Local Economy

You can often save a lot of money buying fresh local produce, and you can help out the farmers in your area instead of sending your money to other states and countries. Many local farmers depend on the sales of their crops to make a living, and contributing to a local farm is a great way to give back.

Take a Piece of the Patch Home

Not only can you take home delicious apples and pumpkins after a day of picking, but you can take home a piece of the patch in other ways as well. The farm themed custom directional signs and advertisements that are used at these farms can be beautiful and a signage expert can make authentic replicas of them for your home. Use them to add a touch of autumn to your decor, but you can also enjoy them all year long.
Along with a new decorative sign, you can also use a bowl of fresh apples or a plump, pretty pumpkin as a part of your home decor for a true seasonal feel.

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