When you get time off from your busy life and schedule, it can be difficult to find a vacation destination with something fun the whole family can enjoy. Many people want to go somewhere exotic that offers entertainment options for children and adults alike. Florida is a good choice.

Florida’s tourism accounts for $82 billion of the state’s economy. The Sunshine State is a diverse state with so many wonderful experiences and opportunities. You can visit exotic beaches or live your own personal fairy tale. Anywhere you travel in Florida, you’re sure to have a wonderful and memorable vacation.

Theme Parks

The city of Orlando is known worldwide for their fantastic theme parks. People from around the world bring their families for memorable trips to places such as Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and Walt Disney World. Most of these worlds even involve multiple theme parks and water parks. For example, Disney World involves four themed parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios as well as two water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. In addition, while searching for a place to stay in any of these locations, most parks also offer themed resorts. Staying at one of these will give you perks while inside the parks as well.

Rather than a typical amusement park, the theme parks in Orlando use great attention to detail to take you to a new world. Another example is the new Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Rather than just having a few rides themed around the movie, Universal Studios immerses you within the world of the movies. You can go shopping in Diagon Alley and eat at the Three Broomsticks pub from the movie. And Disney World has “Galaxy’s Edge – A Journey Into the Star Wars Universe” now being constructed. These worlds fully immerse you in your favorite stories and create amazing memories. What better family vacation can you think of than one where you get to pet a whale or meet your favorite superhero?


Florida can also offer visitors about 825 miles of glorious beaches. If you’re choosing a vacation where you are interested in some relaxing days lying on the beach, Florida is a great place for you. Each city on the edge of the state has a different vibe. Some are simple and relaxing, some are kid-friendly, while still others have a fully thriving nightlife.

You’ll have plenty of places to see on Florida’s Gulf Coast. If you’re looking for crazy night life, something like Miami or Daytona may be best for you. During the month of March, be wary of college spring-breakers. Fort Lauderdale and Sanibel Island are some beaches that are great for families. These will often offer bicycle rides or kid-friendly shows to entice families to create wonderful memories. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway for couples or even a rejuvenating weekend away with the kids, Siesta Key or South Beach may be best for you. You can experience wonderful benefits from lying out on a beach and enjoying a nice drink during a beautiful sunrise. Enjoying your time on one of the beaches of Florida is a wonderful way to spend your vacation.

Outdoor Sporting and Games

The state of Florida is thriving in many areas, and one of these is sports. Tourists come from all around to experience the joy of watching professional sports or to participate in recreational sporting activities. Adding about $57.4 billion to the Florida economy, leisure sports from golfing to hunting to snorkeling bring in tourists from all over.

You could easily make a full vacation simply from trying all the amazing golf courses in the Florida area. Golf Digest came up with 75 great courses that are sure to keep you entertained and sharpen your skills. You’ll also find a number of professional tournaments played in the state throughout the year. So whether you are interested in watching the pros or taking your shot out on the course, you’re guaranteed a special trip.

Beyond the golf course, Florida’s coasts offer a variety of outdoor and water sports. With hundreds of miles of beaches, you simply have to check out some new and unique water sports. Have you ever wanted to paddleboard through the gulf? How about parasailing out over the horizon? Perhaps swimming with dolphins and snorkeling under the sea are what float your boat? All throughout the state, you have the opportunity to explore these unique experiences with your family. Take on a new adventure or simply enjoy a simple pastime such as fishing. If beaches aren’t your thing, you’re also welcome to kayak through the swampy parts of florida or go on a quest to see a crocodile. With all different species of wildlife around the peninsula, hunting or observing these animals are another great opportunity to learn about and experience a new area of the country. It’s not every day you can be swimming with dolphins or end up face-to-face with a alligator.

Florida Nightlife

Perhaps you are looking for a bit of a wild vacation where you can really let loose with your friends or a significant other. A week away where you can get dressed up in your new pink maxi dress you bought online and party the night away. Well, you’re in luck, because Florida is the perfect place for that as well. With a vibrant club scene throughout the state, you can pick one specific city or make your way throughout the great venues Florida offers. The key is to know what sort of vibe you are going for. Fort Lauderdale has specific girls’ night out bars, and some of the hottest clubs are in Miami.

If you’re looking for a more low-key night out, you may want to research some of the world-renowned dining locations in the state. Because Florida sits right on the ocean, you would be cheating yourself if you didn’t experience some fine seafood while you’re visiting. Check out a seafood crab house in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, or a dive place in Panama City Beach. Whatever you choose, it is sure to be fresh, wonderful, and unique, especially if you are visiting from an inland state with very little fresh seafood.

Beyond your every night clubs and dancing, Florida hosts many festivals where you can enjoy your time with friends and loved ones for days on end. Craft and art fairs represent a tame side of entertainment in the area. To get your party on, you can also attend plenty of music festivals and street fairs year round. By drawing in festivals and artists with the warm climate and numerous convention venues, Florida brings in a diverse list of events throughout the state. The tourists flock to experience world class art, food, music, and exciting new events. Be sure to plan your vacation during these exciting times to expand your nightlife experience and give you some memories to remember.

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