Here is our list of the top WordPress website designers we have found based on the strength and quality of their portfolio vs the cost vs features of a WordPress website design package. Here are the key features we looked into when we created our list.


Looking at what a company have created is the biggest factor in your decision making for choosing a WordPress website designer. In my opinion, a portfolio is more important then customer reviews. Lets face it, if you’re in business yourself you know how clients expect the world in return for their money! Even though you clearly identify everything thats included and deliver an excellent end product/service, they are still not happy and leave a negative review against a company.

Reviews are not always accurate, positive or negative. Since anyone can leave a review without any form of validation, company reviews cannot be trusted. Portfolio’s however can.

Browsing a clients portfolio however can be trusted. You can see exactly how a website can look by viewing the work the website designer has done for other clients. If you can see their portfolio is updated regularly, it gives you an indication that the company is popular, building websites on a regular basis and produce quality work time after time.


The price is important for anything you purchase. With website design, most companies think they can charge £1000’s for something that should cost a few hundred quid. Why? because these design companies are still living in 2001 where websites used to cost a small fortune.

Today, websites cost no where near that amount and you shouldn’t be paying those prices. With software and technology available today, websites can be built quickly and efficiently, which will reduce the cost on website builds.


Now here is where new business owners usually mess up and end up spending a load of money in addons. There are a number of must have features required for any new website to perform well on today’s tech. The whole point of a website is for it to be found by new customers. You need to make sure the below are a must have within your WordPress website design package.

  • SSL Certificate (makes the site secure)
  • Responsive (mobiles and tablets)
  • Performance and Load Speed
  • High quality hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Onsite SEO

Below is a list of the top 5 WordPress website design companies we have come across that will cover all the above and deliver you an exceptional website at an affordable price.

1. SixtyMarketing

UK based WordPress website design company established in 2002 providing excellent websites packed full of features for under £400.

With a strong portfolio on their website covering many business sectors, size of sites and different features, SixtyMarketing displays an excellent website portfolio only specialising in WordPress designs.

With a 10 page website only costing you £349.95 you are sure to get value for money with this package.

There are surprisingly a large amounts of features available with the WordPress design packages, including eCommerce, hosting, support, management and SEO at no additional cost.

2. The Creative Momentum

Atlanta based design and marketing company boasting a team of 20 providing web design, branding, graphic design, video/media, SEO and mentoring.

Large portfolio (or folio as they like to call it) displaying a wide range of work completed for clients to a very high standard.

There are no prices online for their design work but prices are expected to be pretty low due to the quick response rate for enquiries.

Providing a large amount of features including branding, videos, copywriting, email marketing at more. Removing these additional services will lower the initial price.

3. Webmanna

Based in Missouri design, strategy and marketing company providing training videos with their website design services.

A small portfolio with some excellent work displayed covering many different business sectors along with examples of their branding work.

Covering all required services to getting a highly exposed online business. No prices online due to custom built packages.

4. PressFoundry

Boston based WordPress website design company also covering Shopify website builds. Also providing high quality branding service to accompany a new website build.

A very large portfolio of WordPress website design work covering a large range of business sectors and design needs.

Large amount of features including eComerce, hosting, backups and training to name a few.

5. Phase Creative

Sydney based logo design and WordPress website design company started in 2004 by Cath Hughes.

A modest portfolio displaying the qualities of their WordPress design work showcasing a wide range of business sectors.

Covering all areas required for an online business starting from branding, website build, maintenance and ongoing SEO.

Selecting and researching (correctly) will save you £100’s if not £1000’s on your WordPress website design projects. Do not always go on reviews and word of mouth. Do your own research correctly and find out what is actually important and required today for a successful website and online business.

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