As the pressures at work increase, you might find yourself in a position where you have to spend more time working. Unfortunately, that means that other aspects of your life get affected negatively. Personal health is one of the aspects that is often neglected since a deterioration in health is a gradual process that takes a while to register as a severe condition fully. This article explores ways that you can maintain your health even with a busy work schedule

Maintain a Good Work Life Balance

While work life balance is different for every individual, it is very essential in this day and age.  Technology means that one works day and night, responding to emails, WhatsApp and more.  So how can you get around that?  I would recommend one block off some time in their calendar where they would be able to get some downtime doing what they enjoy.  Personally, I love laying on the sofa watching American Netflix with my dog; your downtime could be spent hiking.  As long as it relaxes you, its perfect.

Eat healthily

When work demand increases, most people tend to skip meal times and focus instead on their work. Besides, what’s the harm in skipping a few breakfasts and lunches when you can just snack or compensate with dinner, right? In truth, this is one of the gravest mistakes that people make. For healthy metabolism, you need to eat three balanced meals every day. Skipping a few meals may be unavoidable but making a habit out of it is unacceptable. More importantly, you should never compensate a whole meal with a few snacks. If you have to snack, then make sure it is a healthy snack. Often, you might find yourself in a position where you do not have time to cook a proper meal. In such cases, people often compensate for that by ordering in or eating out. Unfortunately, most take-out meals are unhealthy so if you have to order in or eat out, find a way to make it work for your by eating healthy meals.


It should come as no surprise that I included exercise as one of the tips to staying healthy in a hectic work environment. Some of the benefits of exercise to your health include reducing the risk of chronic illness, boosting your energy levels, weight loss and improving your mood, among others. These might not feel all too important, but each is a necessary benefit when it comes to staying healthy. People make the excuse that they do not have time to exercise, but you can always incorporate a workout into your busy schedule. In truth, you don’t have to go hard at the gym for it to be considered exercise. Something as simple as a morning run is enough exercise for your body. Maintaining a regular workout is what is essential.

Avoid unnecessary stress

When work gets too hectic, people tend to create stressful situations for themselves instead of avoiding them altogether. For instance, it might feel necessary to use a fake doctor’s note to avoid work or as an excuse for a missed deadline, but the stress created by such an action could build up to risky levels. Instead of forcing yourself into uncomfortable situations, you should tell the truth. Additionally, if you find yourself continually lagging behind, then you should consider asking for time away from work. Exhaustion is not always physical and, in most cases, mental fatigue could be more grievous. Taking time away is not a sign of weakness but a show of strength and character. It is proof that you understand your limits and that you are willing to take a step back to reevaluate your position.

The Takeaway

In truth, it is difficult having to focus on your health when it requires taking time from your busy work schedule. However, the more severe issue is that without proper care you might reach a point where it becomes impossible to work at all. So while taking time to eat healthily and exercise or reducing and avoiding unnecessary stress might seem like a nuisance, these are all actions that are necessary for your health.

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