If you have ever looked in the mirror and thought you didn’t like what was gazing back at you, then join the club. Even Bruce Springsteen sings in one of his songs how he wants to change his clothes, his hair, and his face. And he is The Boss! But with the advances in technology and the medical field the last couple decades, now just about everything can be changed to your liking. Instead of going off the deep end though and becoming a walking plastic surgery billboard, just a few minor changes here and there can make a huge difference in your appearance.


Dieting and working out will help you get rid of most of the extra weight that you are carrying around. But sometimes genetics just have a cruel way of catching up to you and will not allow you to lose all that fat no matter what you do. Good thing there is liposuction for that problem. Now you can go in for an outpatient procedure and come out weighing quite a bit less. Just imagine losing ten pounds of belly fat in a couple of hours. You may be sore for a few days, but it could be well worth it.


Brachioplasty is not a term that you often here. However, if you have lost a considerable amount of weight or just don’t like how your upper arm skin kind of hangs there, you should be looking at this procedure. You may realize a brachioplasty can be the solution to your problem. With a hidden incision, they basically do an upper arm lift that will stop your upper arm from blowing in the breeze. You can say hello again to sleeveless dresses!


You probably see many people walking around daily with a little bump in the bridge of their nose. When you look at the person straight on, it is not so noticeable. But when they turn to the side, it is very evident that they could benefit from getting a rhinoplasty procedure. Or as it is more commonly known as: a nose job.

Hair Transplant

Be careful when deciding to get a hair transplant. If you just need a bit of hair added to the top of your head, then you should be okay. But if you are almost completely bald on top, save the money and invest in a nice razor. The bald look has never been more in!

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