Traditional drug addiction treatment rehab centers are still the first choice to help a loved one defeat the substance abuse. The main reason for this is that they didn’t know any better. That means they have no idea about the presence of holistic centers that offer alternative treatment options for addicts. Or, even if they know, they don’t trust that the process works, again in absence of correct information.

The term holistic, as defined by Webster, when applied in medicine refers to the process of melding the mind, spirit, and body to achieve harmony and balance. It comes from the word holism, which was first coined 90 years ago to mean the interrelation between the organism and the environment.

5 Holistic Methods For Treatment Of Drug Addiction In Men

As opposed to mainstream rehab, which includes clinically supervised drug detox and psychotherapy, holistic rehab centers explores other avenues of treatment. Below are just some of the examples of techniques that have proven to be successful in treating an addict.


This is an ancient Chinese technique that involves opening up the person’s energies (meridian) with the ultimate aim of channeling these energies to help the body heal itself. This type of practice has existed since 8,000 years ago and still survived until today.

The most common method used is the ear acupuncture, targeting several areas like the liver point, lung point, Shen Men, sympathetic point and the kidney point. They supposedly help the patient rid himself of grief, guilt, aggression and fears.


This is another ancient Indian practice that survived to the modern era. Yoga can trace its roots to the Sarasvati civilization 5,000 years ago. There are various studies on the effectivity of yoga as a treatment for drug addiction. The purpose is to make the person aware of his body, spirit, and mind. Even mainstream rehab centers employ some sort of meditation to help the addict balance his emotions and mental well-being.


While there’s still some doubts about the efficacy of homeopathy in holistic drug addiction treatment centers (some say it’s just ranked higher than placebo), the fear is typically borne out of the lack of information. There can be no denying the success experienced by hundreds of patients that underwent this technique. Alternative centers use organic ingredients in order to treat a sick body. Take note that these ingredients would have had a negative effect in non-addict.

Arts and Crafts/Music Therapy

Although these are often offered separately, we are lumping them together because they work on the same premise: allowing the person to express his emotions and feelings. The idea is to bring to the surface most of the dark fears, insecurities, and hang-ups of the addict with the main purpose of acknowledging these feelings and choosing to cope with them.

The creative process will also help the patient connect with his core, outside of the trappings of work, family and other triggers that have driven him to drink or take drugs.


This is another controversial treatment for drug addiction. The idea here is to tap the subconscious of the patient during the dissociated state in order to get to the bottom of the problem. Except in rare occasions, substance abuse is just a symptom of a much bigger problem. By inducing suggestion, the patient will be able to pinpoint what really is bothering him. Hypnosis has been found to be effective in treating psychosomatic illnesses.

But to be even more effective, hypnotherapy should not be an end unto itself. This should just form part of the overall program by holistic drug addiction treatment centers to help the patient.

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