Augmented reality technology is making its way in almost every segment of the society whether it is education, entertainment, retail, businesses etc. Yet not on the mainstream, however, it is becoming famous and is gradually being adopted by users of smart phones consistently. It is expected that by 2020, the adoption of augmented reality would be too common since every field of life would have incorporated this technology into their everyday use for the long term benefits it could provide. Also, to stay in touch with the advanced world and the innovations being introduced. Roar, an augmented reality application is such an application that offers its users the chance to explore details and features of printed text or visuals simply by scanning. Some interesting features of ROAR, an augmented reality application include:


1.    Recognition

Just by scanning an object or a product available for example in the super store, your mobile app ROAR tends to recognize the object. This technology undergoes recognition by taking account of all the stored information and within seconds presents it to the users.  Augmented reality recognizes a visual picture or a real time object merges new information and displays new information in the form of an augmented result. All this takes place instantly, providing the user extraordinary experiences.

2.    Recreation

The fascinating thing about this augmented reality application is the way it recreates information and new objects providing the user an opportunity to recreate the reality around him or her. This recreation is stimulating and the experience is interactive and entertaining within itself keeping the user engaged. Users have experienced it in one way or another and the feedback is amazing. People are inclined towards adopting this trend. It lets users unleash their imagination and creativity, by making their own ROARS.

3.    Regenerate

Augmented Reality application just like ROAR is widely being adopted by users. One of its reasons is the ease it provides to customers letting them engage at home, in the store, or on the go. ROAR regenerates the existing reality with an addition of computerized 3D graphics to augment the situation providing more information regarding products etc. For customers it is a unique shopping experience increasing the information provided to them offering them a chance to take a better decision while making a purchase. Whether you are in the store or being lazy at home, you can instantly buy through the mobile application while enjoying the augmented reality experience.

4.    Reform

With the help of augmented reality, ROAR lets its users reform their reality and create interactive content by making their own ROARS. Adding up videos to printed or published materials can be an amusing experience for the users helping them to visualize in a better way.

5.    Reproduce

Make your own ROAR and reproduce augmented audios, videos and 3d models for an enjoyable experience. Since users have widely started using these apps, the day is not far away when augmented reality apps will become main stream just like the use of smart phones is.