Flowers are the best gift to convey wishes or to say sorry or to console any one. Gifting flowers is the trend that is being followed from ancient times. Each color of flower as it own significance at those special moments. There are many online portals, which deliver fresh flowers from their farms and bouquets. Let’s have a look at what flowers should be delivered to her on some of the occasions.

A Guide To Buying Her Flowers For Any Occasion

1. Birthday Flowers: 

Flowers are the special gifts; every one feels happy by seeing them. When they are tied together in a bouquet, the fragrance of these flowers makes her go back to the sweet memories. Birthday flowers for her on a special day not only make her happy, but it also reflects your concern on her. Each month as different flowers to gift on their birthdays and it varies in US and UK.

Month US UK
January carnation and snowdrop carnation
February primrose violet and iris
March daffodil daffodil
April sweet pea sweet pea and daisy
May Hawthorne and Lily of the Valley Lily of the Valley
June rose and honeysuckle rose
July water lily and delphinium larkspur
August poppy and gladiolus gladiolus
September morning glory and aster Aster and forget-me-not
October calendula and marigold marigold
November chrysanthemum and peony chrysanthemum
December holly and narcissus poinsettia

 2. Gift as Anniversary: 

Flowers are the best way to express your love for your better half on the occasion of marriage anniversary. The idea of gifting flowers on anniversary even to friends is one of the best of wishing. Flowers to be gifted on anniversaries vary according to the season.

  • Spring – Select pale & delicate flowers. Examples are the peony, peach blossom or cherry blossom
  • Summer – choose flowers which are bright and vibrant. Example think yellow, gold or pink roses, or a bouquet of sunflowers.
  • Fall – choose darker flowers with rich colors. Examples are lily & Gold roses.
  • Winter – choose blooming flowers. Examples are chrysanthemums, orchids, and pansies.

3. Flowers to say Sorry:

 Flowers give her a message that you love her unconditionally. There may be some misunderstandings, but all can be cleared with the bouquet of fresh flowers with a short note of ‘Sorry’ on it. Each flower as their own significance and let’s see what flowers when bunched shows your love.

  • Red roses represent love on her
  • Pink symbolizes elegance
  • Yellow flowers indicate affection and joy
  • Pink Tulips are also a perfect match

4. Just Because Flowers: 

Just because flowers can be sent whenever you wish to send your dear ones or friends, there is no special occasion for this. These flowers can be of your wish or the one you are sending. The best way is to flowers delivery online and sends at any moment. This just shows them that you are missing and remembering the memories spent with them.

5. To Cheer her up: 

When you wish to do something special for your dear one and cheer her, then gifting flowers are the best way to do this work. Gifting flowers not only make them smile but at the same time, their spirits are lifted with the fresh bouquet of flowers. A bunch of Sunflowers and gerbera could be a nice combination to cheer your girl.

6. To Congratulate her: 

Flowers can be a better gift than a card, bouquet of fresh flowers is the best choice for congratulating her on the success, she has achieved. Congratulation flowers should be a bunch of vibrant colored flowers that give them a message of their success. It can be a bouquet of roses, carnations, orchids along with daisies.

7. For Mother’s Day: 

Mother’s day is the special day for every mom, so surprise and thanks her for unconditional love that she showers on you. The great bunch of flowers could be carnations, roses (only pink), gerbera, daisies, yellow tulips, and lilies. Avoid red color roses as it may indicate and show wrong meaning. So convey your love with this bouquet.

So gift your dear one’s with a bunch of flowers on the special occasions and make them happy. You can also help your mom if she is working women then you may help her to set up her website and bring your mom’s business online to grow-up very quickly and for that you may buy domain name from domain registrar company.