For some unnamed reason, many have the misconception that only those with severe mental disorders find benefit from visiting counsellors when the reality is that absolutely everyone may find an advantage in visiting a professional. The pressures of society, school, work, parenthood, and generally growing up are just a few examples of why society is more anxious today than in the past. With new technology, more complex career options, and a better future on the horizon, it is imperative that anyone looking to make his or her mark on this world take the time to speak with a counsellor on a number of matters to help him or her find a mental balance in all the aspects of life that can make each day rather hard to control.

4 Ways You Benefit From Seeing A Counsellor


Professionals such as John Arber offer the primary benefit of a safe, quiet, and constructive place in which you can organise your many racing thoughts and find order in the world around you. Generally speaking, the majority of people have one or two symptoms of neurosis and these may need someone to simply sit with you and help you to sort them out by speaking about the trouble and working through many of the basic daily problems. These symptoms may include sadness or depression, a short temper, irritability, mental confusion, anxiety, a lowered sense of self-worth, or a generalised feeling of unrest.

These symptoms should not be confused with a psychotic disorder in which a person is faced with impaired thoughts, perception, or judgement. They are rather a simple lapse in control due to stress and worry. Many people benefit from meeting with a person trained to help you find the right paths to take your thoughts so that you arrive at a viable solution to the issue, whatever that solution may be for your unique situation. If you are a person simply trying to move into the next stage of his or her life, you are likely holding a great deal more stress on your shoulders than you might think and speaking with a professional could help you regain your mental balance.

The Past

Although you may feel as though your present and future are under some level of control, there may be a number of past experiences that continue to affect you and your decisions in life. Many experiences faced in early childhood alter the self-esteem well into adulthood and this trouble can typically be seen in the form of a small part of you telling you that your efforts are not good enough, that something will go wrong, or that you are not good enough to reach a certain goal. For some, this small “voice” of negativity can become a motivator, pushing them to prove that part of them wrong; however, for many others, it can be a highly detrimental obstruction that a counsellor may help to overcome and prove wrong.

For example, it may be that you feel that your own intelligence is not where it should be and that you are somehow falling short of societal standards. The reality of the situation may be that you are well beyond others and that social pressure has convinced you otherwise. This is the type of negativity that a simple visit may help to relieve.

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