If you are a store and you have thought to take the step of selling online, or just whoever you are, you are thinking the same task since you’ve asked the question header Magento or Prestashop?

Currently, 89% of online sales pages that take place around the world are with these two platforms Magento and Prestashop. And it was forgotten create a super custom web scheduled from start to finish in PHP or HTML. And especially they have been in the background other platforms such as OS-commerce or Zen-Cart for the same reason that we do not go to a restaurant that is empty when it is next to one that is filled, but deeper there are other reasons as to support and simplicity that make them less suitable systems.

If you have chosen and your system is already programmed Magento ecommerce templates they do not have doubts that you have chosen is the best for you, but if you have not already done so, I recommend you to use Magento which is becoming popular now. All we know that riding a virtual store today is not as complicated by the different eCommerce CMS walk the network.


Magento eCommerce provides scalability, flexibility and features to have a good business growth. These functions allow us to control the presentation, content and functionality of our store.

  • Open Source with 2 somewhat expensive commercial versions.
  • Somewhat slow if not hosted on a dedicated server.
  • The template system is well structured but it is more difficult to change than in PrestaShop
  • Magento update can be rather complex, especially if you have to climb several versions.
  • The control panel looks good and simple.
  • Create templates and modules requires a greater learning curve than that of PrestaShop. Often requires someone who specializes in this CMS make the changes.

Magento appeared in December 2011 to cover a piece of software for e-commerce did not exist or was poorly developed. From the beginning Magento opted for robustness, security, although that implies greater difficulty of implementation, installation, and management. Premium Magento templates gradually gained strength as brand becoming an important gap between the CMS for E-commerce.

Advantages of Magento:

  • Very robust and very secure system.
  • Millimeter indefinite customization.
  • System simpler and less strict purchase.
  • The Back Office is very powerful to perform any action.
  • Multitude possibility.
  • Technical support available.
  • Possible integration with ERP’s.
  • The main suppliers are already integrating with Magento.
  • Payment Gateways (any). After the purchase by PayPal Ebuy takes special importance.

If you’re going to be the auto designer Megento advise you choose, because it is much more simple, intuitive and easy to handle. Plus you’ll get the same as other platform.

If you have to decide on a design, you have to assess the magnitude of your project. Nokia and Samsung have their e-commerce Magento. Whichever system you choose will have the certainty of having always successful, because the two, except small details are great platforms, and sure you will not go wrong.