If you’ve surfed the Internet a lot, you found different opinions about how much water should you drink to lose weight.

I then at least I’ve found many contradictory things: There are articles that say you have to drink 2 liters (whether you want to lose weight or not) of water, others say there is no scientific evidence that this is so, and to be drinking normal, when the body will ask and thirsty.

In this article I want to speak from my experience. I will not get to discuss whether a statement is either true, but I want to explain my point of view or you do what you believe appropriate.

Not drinking enough water or excessive loss of water through sweating or frequent urination causes dehydration. Actually, most people do not consume the recommended eight to ten glasses of water daily amount, so often tend to be slightly dehydrated. And these are the side effects, those annoying things that happen to your body when you do not drink enough water.

5 Annoying Things That Happen To Your Body When You Do Not Drink Enough Water

Dry Mouth

Side effects of dehydration begin with a dry mouth and thirst. The tongue and oral mucosa will be dry, and even your mouth can feel sticky. And this is one of the easiest to perceive sensations, just feel dry mouth, and drink a large glass of water!


Water is essential for cell function, and drink little water prevents the body systems function properly. Being tired, lose muscle strength and endurance, and a general feeling of fatigue is symptoms of dehydration.


Did you know that you do not drink enough water can cause headaches? According to studies, mild to moderate dehydration causes headaches. And memory and thinking ability is also reduced when you are dehydrated.

Low Blood Pressure

Another side effect of dehydration is low blood pressure. It is to drink little water causes a decrease in blood volume, causing low blood pressure. You may notice some symptoms are dizziness and fainting when you stand up.


Not drinking enough water can cause tachycardia also because the heart rate increases in an attempt to maintain blood pressure. In these cases, fluid replacement is urgent.

To avoid getting these annoying things happen by not drinking enough water.

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