No one really likes dealing with hair loss, but sometimes genetics simply aren’t on your side. If you’re starting to deal with hair loss and you need a plan, you have a tough question ahead of you. You need to decide whether you’d like to visit a salon or studio or whether you’d like to risk it with some products that you can use at home.

This question is tough, and while the simplest and cheapest solution might be to get DIY products you can use in the home, you might not want to invest in something that’s not going to work as well.

Comparing the Products

Typically, a Glasgow women’s hair clinic will select products that are rated highest by those who review these types of products. There are several different hair loss treatment products available on the market today, but not all of them work. Studios are going to generally pick out the products that are more likely to work. If you buy a product that you don’t know much about to try at home, the likeliness that it’s going to work is probably going to be lower. The products are really important when it comes to hair loss treatments and if you want something that has a better chance of working, it might be worthwhile to visit a salon instead.

Of course, you could also ask a studio for a recommendation on a product they like to use and simply try it at home yourself. In this instance, you might need to be prepared to buy a product from the salon because that might be the only place to get it. However, if you feel confident handling the application of the product, you can always give it a try.

Application Can Be Hard

Another problem with going DIY when it comes to hair loss treatments is that the application can be difficult. For instance, product descriptions and instructions are not always as clear as they should be, which could lead to misunderstandings and a poor application of the product on your hair.

With salons, you have a lower chance of messing it up. Hairdressers are professionally trained to apply the products they use and when you go to a studio, you don’t have to worry about wasting money because you applied the product incorrectly. And while the salon might charge more than it would cost for you to buy the product and apply it yourself, you might find the results more satisfactory if you let the salon handle it for you.


In most cases, going to the studio for hair loss treatment is generally a better idea, but it does cost a little more. Because the products are going to be more trustworthy and the application is most likely going to be more professional-quality, it can be worth the extra money. You should go online to find a clinic near you that can help with hair loss by giving you the best treatments and products you can get.

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