Once your LASIK eye surgery is done, your eye doctor will ask you to rest in the clinic for a while. This is because some patients may feel some burning or itching sensation following the procedure. These discomforts are temporary and will be improve after the patient has rested. Your doctor will also conduct a brief post-operative examination to ensure everything went as planned. Keep in mind that after the operation, someone has to drive you home since you cannot drive after LASIK treatment. Your eye doctor will give the go signal if you can drive or not once he or she sees you the following day. Your doctor will confirm that your uncorrected vision already meets the legal standard for driving. Here are some other things you can expect after the LASIK treatment:

Eye Health Guide After A Lasik Treatment

  • Expect haziness and blurry vision immediately after surgery. This is temporary and vision clarity will improve the following day.

  • Eyesight will continue to improve and stabilize over the next few days of your surgery. However, there are rare cases whereby it takes a few weeks or longer to see results.

  • You may be advised to rest for a couple of days before going back to work.

  • You may be asked to refrain from doing strenuous exercises or activities for a minimum of one week after your operation. Lifting heavy things or working out is not allowed since it can traumatize the eye and can affect healing.

  • Return to the eye care centre the next day for a follow up checkup. Here, you doctor will test your vision to determine if you are allowed to drive without glasses or contact lenses.

Similar to other surgery, do follow your doctor’s recommendations as well as instructions so you will get the best results out of the LASIK eye surgery. Avoid rubbing your eyes as the eye is still recovering from the surgery, rubbing the eyes too hard could dislodge the flap.

What are the Long-term Results of LASIK Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery has numerous benefits, that’s why many professional recommend it. It can greatly improve the quality of life of a patient by having better vision without any optical aids. There are people who achieve 20/20 vision or better after the treatment, but the results may vary. Some may still need to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses after the laser vision correction.

LASIK procedure has an excellent profile in giving patients better eyesight. However, complications such as infection, night glares or halos are still possible. Depending on individual healing process, some patients may need a touchup procedure or enhancement a few months after the surgery to get the best results. To help you get favorable results, here are some of the things you can and cannot do after the surgery:

  • Be careful when you are in the bath or taking a shower. Keep soapy water out of your eye when washing your hair or face.

  • Tilt year head back or sideways to allow water to flow to the back or the side while washing your hair

  • Watch out for hair spray or shaving lotion

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes for at least one month

  • Don’t drive until your doctor gives you the go signal to do so

  • Always wear the eye shield your doctor gave you while you sleep for at least a week.

  • Wear our sunglasses while you are outdoors

  • Avoid swimming pools or saunas for about a couple of weeks

  • Do not wear eye make up for one week

  • Do not get hair treatment for at least 10 days

  • Avoid dusty environments for about a week

If you have more questions about how LASIK eye surgery works, be sure to contact Atlas Eye. You may also visit their website or call their office to schedule an appointment.

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