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5 Benefits of Canon Wide Format Printer


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Printing machines that can be controlled by any computer, and that support the printing width between 18 inches and 100 inches is known as Wide Format Printer. In order to print posters, wallpaper, banners, construction plans, media sets, vehicle image wraps, electronic circuit schematics, these wide format printers are used. Some variety of inkjet technology is used to print images using wide format printers. These printers are highly economical when compared to other printers. Canon wide format printer is the one that is provided in both color and white & black. These printers can help the business to choose the required format printer for an application.

As both color and black & white printers are available, people can make use of Canon wide format printer based on the requirement.

The main advantage of Canon wide format printers is its first class graphic presentation. Than standard copier canon, wide format printer helps high-quality images.


The following are the advantages of Canon wide format printer:

  • Inkjet technology

The technology used in canon wide format printer is inkjet technology. This is cost-effective. Cartridge-based aqueous inks is a mixture of water, pigments or dyes, this is inkjet technology.


  • Printing speed


The speed involved in printing the required images is very high. Within a few seconds, we can obtain the required images using the Canon wide format printer. Once the required images are queued, obtaining those images as printouts need no time.


  • Multifunctional printers


Canon wide format printers are producing multifunctional activities. In canon, wide format printers’ images can be queued and printed once using a USB drive. Multifunctional printers also come with the scanner.


  • Wide printing formats and printing sizes


Printout sizes can be altered based on the requirements. Different formats of the printed images can also be obtained by using Canon wide format printer.


  • Flexibility with the types


For printing signs, the posters graphics color canon wide printer can easily be used. For printing architectural drawings, black and white features can be used. If you need to print both color and black & white images, the printer offers great flexibility in that case as well. A single canon wide format printer will provide a facility that combines both line drawings and colorful images. These are called hybrid printers. The printed images are of high quality.


  • Different printer types


Canon wide format printers offer different types of printers. The available types are low volume devices, Medium volume devices, and high-volume devices.

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The maximum range of obtaining the prints per minute is 20 and most of the wide format printers come standard with 1-2 rolls. A Canon wide format printer can help in communicating the mistakes in construction schematics by obtaining prints in black and white lines and with colored images. In recent years, most of the businesses found practical uses from the printers. The Canon wide format printers are intuitive to handle and can obtain quick printouts, which is why most of the businesses choose these printers.

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