Although you will hear from almost everybody that alcohol is bad for you in general, particularly those who work in the medical profession, there are some ways in which it can actually affect your body in a positive way, which is surprising to a lot of people In fact, in some cases, alcohol has been shown to help with weight loss – which is surely good news for anybody who has struggled with their weight at any point in the past. Considering that such a high proportion of people do have weight problems, this is very welcome indeed. The facts below will help you to find ways to enjoy your alcohol whilst looking forward to losing weight at the same time.

1) Stop yourself from Craving Junk Food

Wine has been proven to stop you from wanting to eat foods that are high in calories when you have a couple of glasses in the evening. This is because it can satisfy cravings for something indulgent, without containing all of the calories that you would expect from a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps. Another reason that it might stop cravings is due to the fact that wine can reduce stress levels, which can in turn stop you from feeling as though you need to snack.

2) Beer Contains Great Nutrients

Using Booze To Your Body’s Advantage

This is the news that we have been waiting to hear all of our lives – beer actually contains a lot of nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamins and selenium – all of which are needed for a healthy diet. Of course, you still shouldn’t go over the top with the amount that you consume, but it just goes to show that a glass here and there is no bad thing at all.

3) Spirits are Lower in Calories

If you’re trying to lose weight, then things such as gin and vodka are much more likely to help than wine – as there are far fewer calories in a serving. You could also add some fruit to make it more interesting, and this will add key vitamins to your diet, which should help to give your health an overall boost.

4) Alcohol Can Improve Your Mood

When you’re on holiday, a little bit of alcohol can really put you in the party mood, and this means that you’re much more likely to get up on the dance floor when you go out in the evening. Because of this, it means that you will be dancing more, which burns more calories, so overall you are likely to lose weight because you have burned more than you have consumed in your drink.

Taking these key facts into consideration, it is clear that a little bit of alcohol can actually be good for you. You should always remember that it is very much about moderation, though, and clearly you won’t get the same benefits if you drink to excess – but a drink every now and again can help you to improve your body, and you are certain to have a great time, too!

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