Lately, couples have been choosing to get married in their home more and more often. There’s the practical reasoning that home weddings are much more affordable, especially since times and social constructs have changed and there has been an increase of couples paying for the wedding all on their own, without assistance. Then, there’s the reason that we really are living in times of innovation and highly elevated aesthetics, ultimately resulting in people choosing quality over quantity, intimacy over spectacle. Nevertheless, couples who’ve had at-home weddings mostly say the same thing – just because it’s small, doesn’t mean there’s any less planning to be done! And sometimes even more so, considering that an at-home wedding seeks to capture a very special ambience and a lot of attention is paid to detail. The year 2018 is all about a more dreamlike feel, an intimate atmosphere, simplicity and harmony.

Keep It Simple: Intimate Home Wedding Trends for 2018

Keeping it Simple

With all the latest trends gravitating more towards the whimsical and organic, especially in such an intimate atmosphere such as your home and/or backyard, the focus has shifted away from big, elaborate pieces (fortunately!) onto simple and elegant details and combinations that reflect the couple’s style and the emotional vibrancy of the ceremony.

Keep It Simple: Intimate Home Wedding Trends for 2018

For example, weddings of 2018 will completely ditch those rococo garlands running down the dinner tables, since everybody has realized they look good only in that one specific position – running down at the end of the table, as wedding and event planner David Stark has wittily remarked.

Now they are being replaced with bouquets of fresh flowers for a beautiful pop of colour, and 2018 will continue this trend, giving advantage to larger bloomed flowers such as Hydrangeas, Ranunculus and Peonies combined with some greenery.

Preparing the Setting

But let’s back up here and we’ll get back to the trends in a moment. So, you’re choosing to have an intimate wedding at your home. Consequently, the guest list gets narrowed down to just the people you truly want to share this day with, and everything becomes more emotionally charged and fairy tale-like – you are opening the doors of your home and you want everything to feel just right. This is the basic concept, so next, let’s think about creating that picture perfect setting to match the spirit of the day.

Keep It Simple: Intimate Home Wedding Trends for 2018

Before being able to actually decorate, match and stylize, you will first need to spruce up your interior and/or garden, because chances are that you will have plenty of unnecessary things, even furniture pieces, that simply represent a visual and physical burden in the setting of your wedding celebration. You can solve this issue by finding storage unit to pack and take away all those not-so-whimsical objects so you don’t have to stress about it and can focus on theming. And do store the TV away while you’re at it – nothing ruins a beautiful interior quite like a television mounted on a wall.

Choosing the Theme

The overall theme and colour palette of the wedding will be a reflection of your personal preferences and also what you perceive would fit your home best (because homes have personalities too). The next year is showing promises of some wonderful trends, such as:

  • Urban Vintage: vintage details against the backdrop of your home

This is perfect if your interior is gravitating towards an industrial style, with at least some bare brick walls or plank floors. Wood plus metal tables and chairs, paired with lots of greenery and three main colours: olive, tan and lilac, are all a great way to take advantage of the kind of space you live in and create an ideal symbiosis.

Keep It Simple: Intimate Home Wedding Trends for 2018

  • The Garden

The trend of garden weddings will stay strong in 2018, and how could it not, when they have proven to be absolutely dreamy, and very fun also! A garden wedding is all about lush greenery with lovely pops of colour such as pink and cantaloupe, combined with silky pastel fabrics for curtains and canopies. If you live in a house and have a backyard that’s large enough, use it to your advantage! But, be prepared for some additional planning. And it doesn’t all have to stay in the garden – providing a space for your guests to circulate around the house and backyard makes it all the more dynamic.
Keep It Simple: Intimate Home Wedding Trends for 2018

  • Industrial Metallics

This is yet another twist on the industrial style which we’ve all grown to love so much. 2018 will be all about metallics – copper and rose gold accents with acrylic, Lucite and geometric decor. Introduce copper or rose gold utensils to elegantly contrast with the flower arrangements and the neutral tones of dinnerware and linen on the table. Very chic!

Keep It Simple: Intimate Home Wedding Trends for 2018

  • Neutral Hues

For a soft, dreamy theme, decorate using a range of neutral hues. Ivory, coral, champagne, blush pink fabrics and decorations incorporated with accents of greenery and muted light blue make a great modification of the traditional colour palette.

Keep It Simple: Intimate Home Wedding Trends for 2018

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to not overkill it. Get bits of inspiration from here and there, play around, and eliminate anything that doesn’t feel compatible with your style or the style of your home – you will recognize that feeling right away, just trust your instincts. Combine all this with the inevitable traditional wedding elements to strike the perfect harmony and timeless feel. And most important of all, don’t stress – there is no one to impress but yourself.

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