Competitive employment markets make finding and keeping fantastic employees difficult. Large corporations with deep pockets can lure top talent with robust benefit packages that are designed to keep workers comfortable and loyal. Small and mid-sized businesses often have difficulty competing with their larger peers in the business world because they lack the resources and labor pool that they need to assemble an appealing benefits package. Although matching the perks offered by large firms seems impossible, you can use the following tips to offer great benefits without bankrupting your company.

Sell your size

Aggressively pursue the top talent in your industry by leveraging your size. Small and mid-sized businesses can offer a family atmosphere with close, enduring relationships. Unlike big corporations where employees feel like a faceless number, you give people a chance to make a meaningful and identifiable contribution to the success of a company as it reaches its goals and accomplishes its mission. As a result, your employees, unlike those in the corporate world, feel a sense of ownership and unlimited opportunity.

Use Technology

You might be able to afford to offer your employees great benefits by using technology to improve the efficiency of your businesses. For example, payroll solutions that include software applications and third-party services can free your time without forcing you to add positions to your payroll. In addition to simply processing paychecks, payroll solutions can help you manage your benefits packages and track their usage by employees. Other technology such as IT management applications and services can help your firm safely and efficiently use computers and networks to boost productivity in ways that can offset the cost of employee benefits.

Get Creative

You can offer benefits that cost your company little in terms of financial outlays. Perks such as the ability to work remotely from home reduce your overhead expenses while improving the work-life balance of your employees. In addition, you establish the “green” credentials of your firm by doing your part to get cars off the road and reduce the cost of heating and cooling your facility. Other benefits, such as flexible scheduling and non-traditional work weeks, can attract talented people who want to work on terms that accommodate their lifestyle.

The size of your company can be one of its strongest assets as you recruit the human resources needed to compete in your market. Still, your size shouldn’t keep you from offering fantastic benefits. Use technology and low-cost innovative solutions to give people the type of desirable career and work environment that only you can offer.

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