Driving and drinking are not a good combination. Even if you have only one drink, the consequence can be quite severe. We should know what we need to do when we are stopped and pulled over for a possible DUI offense. If your driving behaviour is slightly abnormal, it would be more than enough for suspicious police officers to pull you over and perform the dreaded roadside sobriety test. For drunk people, this kind of test is impossible to pass. It is intended to assess your physical and balance that can be impaired by the consumption of alcohol. If you have been drinking, you shouldn’t have any hope of succeeding. The police officer may start with a simple task, such as tracking a pen with both of your eyes. This can be followed by another task, such as walking heel to toe with you arms at the sides. The police officer may also ask you to stand on one foot for a period of time and you are not able to keep your body steady, it’s a good indication that you are not being balanced.

Your condition will be confirmed by taking a breathalyzer test, which can be compulsory in some areas. In some cases, you can even be arrested if you refuse to comply and follow the test. Your refusal can be seen as an attempt to hide your real situation. Even so, you can still politely ask the police officer about the cleanliness of the breathalyzer. You may still be arrested, but your situation will still be much easier. During the arrest procedure, you can ask the police officer to do it gently and you will fully comply. This is especially true if you have specific problems, such back or knee injuries. You shouldn’t add another offense that can make things harder for you in the courtroom. In any situation, you know how to fully protect your constitutional rights. In some areas, police officers can be much more responsive to the slightest sign of resistance, so you need to make sure that you are not resisting at all.

The best way to prevent getting caught in a DUI offense is by ensuring that you are fully prepared. One good method is to purchase your own breathalyzer. During and after a social event, you may regularly check your condition with the device. This will ensure that your blood alcohol content is still acceptable. It is important to be aware that there’s still a possibility that the breathalyzer used by the police will still have higher reading, so you shouldn’t let yourself in a condition that’s slightly below the limit. In some areas, the penalties for DUI can be expensive or harsh. The first conviction of DUI may result in a $500 fine. For subsequent offenses, the fines could be higher and you could be required to have a number of hours doing mandatory community service. There’s also a chance that your driving license is revoked for a period of time or even permanently.

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