Kitchen is an important section of our house and we could raise the value of our property by improving the kitchen. There are many ways to improve the kitchen, such as replacing kitchen cabinets, installing new floors, replacing major appliances and installing new countertops. Before replacing the countertops, we should consider the amount of money we want to spend.
It is also a good time to be particularly serious with the look and style of our kitchen. In essence, the countertops could be the focal point of our kitchen. More luxurious kitchen could have countertops made from granite, but in any others houses; wood, stainless steel, tile and even stainless steel can be ideal material.

5 Common Countertop Materials

1. Granite:

Granite is the most expensive type of countertop material. It is scratch and heat resistant. In essence, we should use granite if we want our countertop last for years. However, like other stones, granite is actually porous and it can eventually absorb some moisture. A good granite countertop should include some kind of sealing.

2. Other natural stones:

There are other stones we could use for the countertop. Marble is cool and smooth; good for dough preparation; but probably not for frequent cutting. Slate is regularly used for roofing material and it comprehensive sealing protection may not be needed. Limestone is cheaper, but it is among the most porous stones. In order to prevent staining, spills must be cleaned immediately. Natural quartz looks like slate, but more durable and don’t stain as easily.

3. Tile:

Tile is a common material for countertops and available as porcelain tile or glazed ceramic. Tiles should be reasonably durable and as scratch resistant as granite. Porcelain tiles are usually more expensive than glazed ceramics. However, tile may chip easily and it is more expensive than laminated material. Although the tile itself won’t be stained, the grout can capture moisture very easily. It means, we need to clean the grout routinely to keep the countertops in good shape.

4. Concrete:

Concrete is a strong material used for our building and driveways. However, concrete could be polished into a shiny and smooth surface that resembles a natural stone. Manufacturers could mould the counter on their production facilities. Concrete needs to be sealed regularly because they are porous. However, sealer may need to be waxed regularly to prevent water damage and stain. Maintenance could be rather extensive, so we should be prepared.

5. Stainless steel:

Stainless steel is known for its low maintenance, water resistance, durability and ability to resist stain. Stainless steel countertops are available in a myriad of shape and size. It should be quite easy to clean stainless steel. However, stainless steel countertops have a rather industrial look, so it won’t be appropriate for more traditional kitchens.
Stainless steel can be rather expensive and cleaver can dent it easily. To ensure durability, the stainless steel countertop should have about 9 percent of nickel and at least 18 gauges.
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