Women often feel lack of confidence and low self esteem due to the unacceptable appearance of the body. Breast implants surgery is one of the highest performed plastic surgery in Seattle at Bel Red that is commonly chosen by the women of all ages to enhance the self-esteem and boost the self-confidence. If a woman is unhappy with the size as well as shape of the breast, she can safely undergo the breast augmentation surgery and improves the body figure.
The surgery must be performed by a skillful surgeon, who has experienced in the field. The implants type, shape and placement must be discussed in detail prior to the surgery to get the desired look. After the surgery, it takes some weeks to get back to the routine, and it also takes the breast implant to drop to the actual position to give the natural look. Initially, the implants after the surgery look unnatural as the settlement of the implants has not taken place. With the healing of scars, the dropping takes place. Many women are not aware about the situation and this piece of writing is for them.

Breast Implants Post-Surgery Drop

Just after the breast augmentation procedure, the breast of the operated woman lies high and gives a funnier look. It is because the implants take some time to reach to the desired position; this is called dropping of the implant. The implants take some weeks but the dropping also depends upon the various factors related to the surgery. The type of implant is one of the factors that make the real difference. It the implant is soft and have smooth surface, the drop can occur quickly but if the surface is textured, the implants takes longer to drop to the position.
The next factor is the size of the breast implants. If the implants are of big size, it takes long time to reach to the natural position but for the small implants, time is short. The size of the body also makes an impact and for the small size body, time is longer. Moreover, the factor that greatly impacts the dropping of the implant is the placement. If the breast implant is inserted above the muscle, the dropping will take place quickly but if the implants lie below the muscle, the time it takes is longer.
Other thing to note here is that both implants might not take same time to drop. Each implant would take its own time and in some cases, one drops quickly and other takes longer. So, don’t get worried and wait patiently and in case of any tension, give a call to the surgeon.
The massaging technique helps in making the breast implants fall to it natural location quicker. The massages are of different types and a patient should discuss it with the surgeon as it depends upon the implants placement and shape. If the placement is under or above the muscle, the technique gets changed but the commonly used technique includes the squeezing of breast area so that implant reaches to the desired position as early as possible.

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